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Monday, December 10, 2018

Albion and its freedom. Albions ties to the real world...

So, here is a question for you. What would you do to gain freedom? Or rather how would you gain freedom? Well in p101 Albion is trying to gain their freedom by force. Now we all know KI likes to take pages from history, so let me educate you on what I think Albion is based off of. The Albion movement for independence is no doubt based off of the IRA or the Irish Republican Army. I wont go into to much detail but basically they fought for a free Ireland when Britain was in control. They used similar tactics as the Albion freedom fighters (destroy the British occupancy from within and make small important strikes, not open warfare) and I believe Albion itself is based off of Scotland. So what does this mean? It means Albion will fail to be free, sure the IRA succeeded and freed PART of Ireland but Scotland never won its Independence, so if Albion is based off of Scotland its safe to assume Albion won't be free. I'll go into why Albion is based off of Scotland later but right now let me explain some history, Scotland fought for Independence, and lost. Awhile ago they had the choice to vote for Independence and that vote did not go in favor for Independence. So its safe to assume Albion would follow the same fate. So here is why Albion is Scotland.
1. Bonnie Anne is promoted to Fox HIGHLANDER during her last promo, no spoilers but it has to do with Albion fighting for freedom. Highlander is commonly associated with Scotland, and since Bonnie is from Albion its safe to assume Albion is more closely tied to Scotland.
Thats it really, we know little about Albion other than it has a college there, named this "Stratchclydesdale" and the closest thing I could find was a town in Scotland called Clydesdale.
So what Albion is doing wrong is fighting for freedom, here is what they could do right.
1. Be like Canada and just ask.
2. Peaceful Protest.
They can't fight because Albion seems to be close to MB so MB can send in reinforcements on short notice. And it seems MB values Albion for putting a college there. In the end, Albion can't gain freedom by fighting, just by doing so peacefully. There is a lesson to be learned there, but I'll let you figure it out, Cya in the spiral!

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