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Monday, December 3, 2018

A guide to Scrip and the best places to obtain it.

So, in P101 there is a currency called scrip. Its used to buy black market items. However it is difficult to get at times. So here are my 10 best places to farm for scrip. 10 being the worst and 1 being the best. This is a guide for max lvl players since they usually are the ones needing it. Also, I will teach you best how to save it and what you should buy. Alright lets begin!

10. low lvl area ships. While farming ships in somewhere like cool ranch for scrip is easy and fast, it gives low amounts and not much other things. This is by far the worst way to farm for scrip.
9. VA2 ships. Like low lvl ships, they give a small amount. are kind of annoying to farm, but they are better because they can give more scrip and more gold. average 12 scrip per ship.
8. Scout and Escort ships in SI skyway. Far better than VA2, mainly because there are people that will help and you can farm the dread for cool weapons. average, 12 scrip per ship.
7. Smugglers arena. While it can give a lot of scrip, its long, hard, and most likely companions will die. average around 480 scrip per run.
6. The Pirate Regatta. While not many people do it, it is solo-able.It drops a certain cats fancy gear, scrip, decorations and pets. So its the best ship farming location for scrip. Average 12 scrip per ship.
5. The dreadnought. So with the help of the cabin glitch, you can get hundreds of scrip in an hour, more or less. I won't state the specifics of the glitch but due to the fact that a chest can drop 12 scrip and the weapons are very good, This is number 5, but not the best for scrip.
4. Obsidian Scratch. His gear is not the best and the doom mojo and how far away hurts. But you can get no scrip, 10 scrip or 100 scrip so while its one of the best places to farm scrip its the worst out of the 4 Obsidian key bosses.
3. Obsidian Blood. He drops his jacket, max version, a decent weapon and not much else, but the scrip is the same amount as all the other key bosses, 0, 10, or 100.
2. Obsidian Duck of death. He drops the rarest item in game, his mustache, and his gear for muskets is not bad, thing is he is quicker to beat than the last 2. Same scrip drop
1. Obsidian brass monkey. His gear is bad, not going to lie, but its a quick easy fight, higher chance of more keys to farm since every round he summons minions, and he has the same scrip drop as the rest. He is by far the best to farm for scrip because of all the chances for more runs and its the quickest fight.

The best things to spend your scrip on is not a big list, just 2 things.
1. The cabin. Costs 25000 but if you like to decorate buy it.
2. Your class banner. Costs 12000 but it helps in say farming or helping some friends of the same class. I wouldn't use it but still, nice to have.

That's basically it! Cya in the spiral!


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  1. Woah, thanks. now i dont have to waste my money buying smugglers.