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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wysteria is a better magic school.

So, lets get this out of the way. Yes Wysteria had to cheat to win, yes they aren't better at combat. BUT! They are more competent (they don't send new students to fight draconians and former school teachers) and their schools aren't focused on combat, which makes them more wizard like. True, Mages are wizards but that's like calling a poodle a bulldog. They are dogs/wizards but are really different. Point is, there are a few ways Wysteria is better. I will name them all and explain them.

1.Competence. While they do cheat, the headmaster doesn't send students into battle. She leaves it to the guards and wants students to study. As opposed to Ambrose who sends his students to battle, and lets students cheat on assignments. Overall, Ambrose is incompetent while Headmaster Crisp is not.
2. They learn how to be proper people. I mean you see pigs learning more than magic, they have their own houses, they learn proper posture. Things like that. That means they wont be stuck in Ravenwood forever (we were the first to graduate...) and if they decide to leave they can survive on their own.
3. They have drive. Not car drive but motivation. Wizards in wizard city seem to have no motivation. Meanwhile Wysteria pigs will cheat if that means they can win and earn glory. Sure its selfish but its still motivation.
4. Its more civilized. Wysteria is more civilized. Lets just face it. Wysteria is more advanced in architecture, more advanced in teaching, and more advanced in benefits for the students. WC looks medieval and doesn't help students with anything but magic. That's not how it works now.
5.  Its better in its collection of study material. I mean have you seen its library! as compared to wiz library where most of it is shut off, the only reason part of the Wysteria library is shut off is a monster.
Overall Wysteria accomplishes several things required for a student WC doesn't. If I had to choose between Ravenwood and Wysteria the answer is obvious, also a better environment can improve your studies! For example this study by a student from Michigan state university shows that a better classroom environment leads to student success.
So, while this was short, in multiple ways I have proven that Wysteria is a better school. I hope you agree and cya in the spiral!


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