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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Witchdoctors are dark mages! (fight seeking wizards but evil)

Title says it all, cya in the spiral

Joking... So some of you may already know this but, my definition of wizard is someone who hoards knowledge and magic, and doesn't generally seek fights. A mage, is a sub class of wizard who doesn't seek knowledge and mainly attack magic and loves to fight. So, here is why a witchdoctor is a mage. Witchdoctors mainly use hoodoo, a form of dark magic that is commonly associated with the north American south or Africa. It mainly deals with things like voodoo dolls and stuff like that. The main difference is European magic is generally viewed as being used for good like the tales of king Arthur, while Dark magic is thought to be used for evil, like summoning demons, cursing your enemies and controlling them. While wizards do this, its only side spells, not commonly used except in schools like death which is closely related to dark magic. However, this is still not used as much as some attack spells. Most classes later on don't rely on summons or that man traps and curses for their fights due to them being op with their attack spells. Witchdoctors on the other hand, are known for their attacks and buffs. Their attacks sometimes involve ghosts and electric type mojo attacks, the ghosts are an obvious sign of dark magic and the buffs which are chickens could be a reference to the witch trials in Salem which it was said in the crucible (a play about the witch trials) that a chicken was used to summon the devil. The devil is known for making people stronger in return for something, and it could be theorized WD lose armor and die easily from melee attacks in return for buffs. Overall witchdoctors spells seem to relate to dark magic and deals with the devil, now what about their companions? Mostly undead and animals which would again could be a reference to the devils army, the undead and unholy alliances with beasts. Like the battacuta which would eat you but becomes your friends. Now how does this relate to being like our wizards(/mages)? Simple, while its considered primitive and evil, witchdoctors still do magic. That means they could fight our wizards on an even playing field or study at Ravenwood. Magic comes in many forms, technology (bishop combined them) the European style (ravenwood) the more western style (Wysteria) and the dark kind (SI witchdoctors) and the most ancient style of magic (the celestial and shadow which could be the first magic, that of the devil) So, in conclusion, Witchdoctors are wizards in a sense. And they are very much like our own wizards in wizard101. So, the theory is that WD are wizards like in w101, and I can confidently say yes they are Cya in the spiral!



  1. Tһis is a toic which is close to my heart... Tһank you!

    Ꭼxactly where are your contact details though?

    1. Thank you for the compliment! also they should be on the contact page In the bar at the top of the screen right under the banner. If something is wrong with it please let me know!