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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Why we do everything!

So, why do our Pirates and Wizards do everything? Is it that the spiral Is incompetent? Is it that we just have that chosen one status? Is it just MMO logic at its finest? No to all of them! The answer is in fact.....we are just stronger than everyone. True, I have stated the spiral is incompetent, and it is true we are the chosen ones in away, plus MMO logic doesn't need explaining but truth is, our wizards(MAGES!) have more magical power than the other students and the teachers are just to busy with teaching to do anything about any problems. Our pirates do everything because we are fresh meat. We aren't special at first, and other pirates aren't incompetent, we just need to prove ourselves in order to stay with avery. But still, we do show potential from the start, we storm the presidio alone, we stop a coup de ta, and more. Plus we did find gunns treasure and all others failed. Well except rat beard but he had the map. Overall we are just better than the rest. We don't do everything because we have to. More like we need too. So throw mmo logic our and accept the facts, our wizards are strong from the start and our pirates need to prove themselves. Hope that cleared things up and cya in the spital


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    1. I really don't know. I don't use yahoo news and I don't really advertise anywhere but twitter. Sorry I couldn't be of help, I guess it was just luck I got featured on yahoo news.