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Monday, November 19, 2018

Why our pirate doesnt have a fleet!

So, people sometimes ask this. Why doesn't our pirate have a fleet? Well that's simple, even in real life pirate fleets were rare(pirates usually had one or a few ships, not a whole fleet). Why you may ask? Well, they are pirates, and commanding a fleet requires loyalty and order. Something Pirates are not known for. Plus, ships require large crews, and we don't have the manpower for multiple ships. So, are there any alternatives? Yes! There are a few but the one that makes the most sense is this, we capture other pirate ships, recruit them, and leave them to their devices while they pay us a sum of money every month or so. While its not a fleet that we command it is a fleet of ships under our service, they could all have our flag and help us when we need them but it wouldn't be a fleet that follows us. This would lead to several things the game could add, allies to help us in battle, us owning a skyway, like a command and conquer system, and of course fleet pvp. But there are two reasons this is not happening.
Reason 1.
The coding:
If you ever coded a game you will know this is next to impossible for an MMO, to many variables and what ifs. Plus, its just not necessary right now.
Reason 2.
We are still young pirates:
While we do command a bunch of older pirates, we redeemed them, we got to know them and we have fought with them. I don't think some cutthroat would follow us no questions asked. We are young, well known but not for being pirates and not well liked by a lot of other pirate groups. It wouldn't make sense if we captured a ship from a faction that hates us and the crew is like "Okay, we will follow you."
I would personally love to have a fleet, but it doesn't make sense game wise or in real life wise. So, if that solution doesn't work what will? Well to be honest, nothing. The only solution there is, is to give each Companion a ship and explain they can control it all because spiral magic. I could see them doing that but lets be real, it would only apply to ship pvp because that would clutter the skyway. So that's all!
cya in the spiral!

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