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Sunday, November 11, 2018

VA vs AQ who wins in a fight?

So, I saw this on central awhile back, and it seems the majority believe VA would win. Well I'm here to tell you that's simply not true. First off this will be a very short post, I'll just state the facts and let you decide. In the end I'll come up with my conclusion. So here are the facts to start out with.
1.We know AQ has at least 1000 battle ready ships.
2.We know AQ is full of able bodied warriors.
3.We know the armada is in turmoil and without leadership.
4. AQ would have the home field advantage
5. The armada is not as powerful as it once was.
6. AQ is not as technologically advanced.
7. The armada are without tacticians and AQ has several of the best tacticians in the spiral.
8. The armada would have to face people such as the amazons, centaurs and possibly vultures and snakes if they decided to invade.
9. AQ did just finish its war with the snakes so it is likely to be a bit weaker.
10. The armada are still pouring troops into the war with MB, so that means they can't spare enough for an all out war.
In conclusion I think AQ would win. While they did just finish a war VA is still at war. VA while it is technologically advanced they are not very powerful right now so that balances it out. Basically VA doesn't have the resources or means to successfully invade AQ. They might get through the stormgate but that's it. Well cya in the spiral!


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