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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Troggies primitve or not?

So, this will kick off my post a day for this month! My question is, are troggies really the primitive creatures we make them out to be? While nobody says outright they are primitive, they don't treat them as equals which says they think they are lesser beings. But are they really? My answer is no. They are as smart as the residents of SI if not smarter. I will be going over several points to prove my theory. Lets start with number one, they know modern military tactics and technology.

So despite them being isolated and not fighting with the residents of Skull island, they know they have cannons, they know how to counter cannons, and they can use their location to their advantage. Plus they do raids on supplies, bombard places that can fight back and successfully pined down a task force designed to take them out. This shows not only they are advanced at warfare they possibly have spies which can tell them all about their enemy. And lets not forget they captured a key enemy and kept a close eye on the key to free him. What I'm saying is despite being "primitive" if it wasn't for us this primitive society could have very well defeated a far more advanced society. So basically they are advanced in their Military tactics, but what about other ways, like tools and government?

Tools: While they don't build things like large stone houses or ships they can build things like shrines and huts in trees. This shows they can use tools and have an understanding of architecture and engineering. We see huts in trees, a solid cage a frog with two guns couldn't break through, we see mini shrines dedicated to some sort of krokagator. Plus engineering wise the seem to understand how the ancient Azteca machines work and how they affect them, the flooded shrine for example, they understand what the buttons do and how it would affect them if they were all pushed as seen when you push a button more come. Overall they appear to have modern intelligence when it comes to tools.

Their government: Their government appears to be a form of Monarchy. Their chief doesn't seem to be elected but most powerful rules. However while this government is primitive in its ways they do have an established government. Which means while tribal its a hierarchy of positions. The chief would be the highest, the shamans would be the next highest and hunters and warriors would be on the bottom. This shows a clear step of leadership which says they have made their government less primitive and almost a democracy.

Other points: So besides government, tools and their tactics what are they not primitive in? For one they seem to have been able to migrate between islands at one point long ago due to the fact that they are on SI, The scurvy dog hideout and isle of doom and possibly more. This shows they were at one point able to sail the skyways due to the fact that settlers recently came and they have evolved to be very different. Another thing is they are capable of learning different species languages which is very hard if not impossible for everyone else. This has been in one case, the troggy that joins gortez. This while an isolated case shows that they are capable of understanding and speaking other creatures languages fluently.

Conclusion: they are far from primitive, in fact you could argue they are smarter than most species in the spiral. They are able to outsmart people with better technology and who fought in wars, they can use tools and understand engineering, they have a government, and they seem to be able to travel between islands and speak different languages. I believe they have achieved a sort of bliss point in their technology at one point, basically they got as far in technology as they wanted and then they settled down and used it sparingly. They understand they can't rely on technology so they use a mixture of tech and nature. What I'm trying to say is they are technologically advanced but choose to not flaunt it and use it only when needed.

With that Ill see you in the spiral!


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