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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Strength of the haywire armada fleet.

Alright, so a question that's been on my mind for awhile is, how strong is the haywire armada fleet? Well lets look at a few things, 1. the scouts, 2 the escorts and 3 the dreadnought. I'm assuming that when we stopped Kane we didn't stop his final order, to release a fleet to destroy the spiral. So assuming each fleet is the same, we will be looking at the one in SI alone. Now, the scouts and escorts are basically just a bunch of VA part 2 ships renamed, the best estimate of ships I can give you is 50, but there are infinite amount of escort ships so I would say about 15 scout ships and 35 escort ships. So basically a good sized fleet. Now, here is where things matter, the dread. It takes awhile to get to boarding level, with 5 max ships. With the best gear on its purple, and it has a group of armada on it ready to defend. It can shoot cannonballs from all sides and I doubt any normal fleet could hand it. So, those are its strengths, what about its weaknesses? Well there are really none, its heavily armored and well defended. I bet that no spiral power could defend against one. So, how would they win? The solution goes back to MB, with beachhead. A small army would have to board the dread while under heavy fire, then eliminate the crew and blow it up from inside. That's the only way any world could beat it. This was a bit short so here are a list of worlds that could beat it and maybe could
Could beat the dread: MB and Aquila. MB has the experience and Aquila has the ships and soldiers.
Possibly could  beat the dread: MQ. Mooshu, Polaris. MQ might be able to due to the fact that their ships are small and fast and you could fight a lot of monkeys on them, Mooshu, maybe they have the soldiers but no hand held guns. Polaris I'm really not sure. Maybe with Napoleguin but otherwise I don't think they could win.
The rest of the worlds Don't stand a chance. You might think Wizard city but no navy, you may also think GH but their boats have no cannons and little armor. Well that's all for now! Cya in the spiral!


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