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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

spiral map theory, why the center of the spiral is doomed!

So, a big argument in the spiral is, who is the center of the spiral? Valencia says they are, Wizard city looks like the center and MB made a map with nobody in the center. So today I'll explain why if you are the center of the spiral, you are doomed!

On a past KI live, it was stated that the spiral is basically a galaxy.  I can guess due to the similarities between out galaxy and the spiral as well as earth and the spiral that the spiral is basically a spiral galaxy. Now, here are some pictures of spiral galaxy's, try to find whats in common with them.

In case you couldn't tell, look at the center. See that big glowing bulgy spot? Well most likely that's a cluster of black holes. And if you don't know what black holes are, well here is a simple explanation. They destroy everything that's near them. So why does this matter? Well that means the center world is doomed to be sucked in by a black hole. That is, if the spiral is a normal spiral galaxy. Which I do believe it is. Now, for the real question, which world is actually at the center? Well the answer is simple, its wizard city, there is proof from the site and in game that I will now show

So it seems Wizard City takes the doom cake for being in the center of the spiral. 
In conclusion, due to the spiral being well, a spiral galaxy, Wizard City is doomed due to the fact most spiral galaxy's have black holes in the center. So quest in wiz while you can, because it won't be around for long!
Cya in the spiral!

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