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Monday, November 5, 2018

secret spiral war about to happen!

So, what if, there was a war going on without you realizing it? Not a physical war, but a political war. No not Monquista politics but that would go into it. I'm talking about the power Valencia lost when we beat the armada. Something similar happened before in the spiral. Dragonspyre was a major power but was wiped out because of the dragon titan, while the spiral did lose a major military power there was no power lost because they were wiped out, not still around. Valencia on the other hand is still a habitable world, there are still unicorns and some regular unicorn soldiers. But the main source of their power, the armada, is gone. Valencia is benefitable if it was conquered, multiple stormgates, ample supply of food and water, technology superior to others in some ways, and of course the knowledge it holds, if it be ancient texts or new scientific discoveries its valuable to other powers like MB. So while it seems likely you would invade VA while its weak, and that might happen because they wronged a lot of people and still do due to the random haywire armada attacks, that is not what will first happen. Ambassadors to VA will try to dig up secrets and see if Kane really is dead, then they will fight with each other for powerful allies, they will tell bad things about the other worlds to nobles in hopes the noble will align with them not other worlds. Here is how it will play out in a step by step form.
1. Ambassadors will act as spy's and find out everything about the situation of the armada.
2. Then they will seek allies in the nobility and remaining army, in hopes they will have some backing and figureheads if they take over Valencia.
3. As they build power and get more contacts, other ambassadors will be trying to stop them, if it be threats or reputation destroying.
4. The last Ambassador will hold a lot of power, most likely a monquistan due to the fact they are excellent at politics and either overthrow the king by force or more subtly.
5. Revolution, the kings supporters fight the monquistan's military and their unicorn backers.
6. MQ wins, and secures VA as a part of MQ making MQ one of the most powerful worlds if not the most powerful.
7.  Other spiral powers fight for control of MQ and VA because they are afraid of that power.
8. Spiral War breaks out.
So, don't think this is happening? Lets look how most wars are started in real life. They are started for political reasons as well as a mean to gain power. Just like what I explained. When a major power weakens others a quick to jump on them, like the former USSR, when it disbanded there was no war, but the rest of the world was relieved to the point were you could say there would have been a war. Or better yet Germany after WWII. Germany lost the war and was very weak, so the US and USSR split Germany into sections belonging to them. After that, there was spying and politics that were a move for more power. The game may not be saying this is happening but it is, animals fear stronger animals, when a threat is weak they wont hesitate to get it out of the way to preserve their safety. VA a huge threat is weak right now, what would you do? Get it out of the way for good and not worry, or leave it to grow strong again? I know what I would pick. So, now that you know war is happening because we beat Kane, prepare yourself. Cya in the spiral!