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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Secret spiral society?

Disclaimer: I am not done with the wiz story yet, so forgive me if I miss anything or the fact that grandmother raven seems to be bad. So sorry if some things don't make sense!

So, remember when you first go to krystalis you put together a spiral society that seemingly nobody knew about? And then there was the Arcanum with all the best wizards for each school of magic and in p101 there was Kanes court while everyone knew about it they didn't know much and just a bunch of little secret society's. Well what if I told you there was a big one, an illuminati type gang that controls the spiral, and they have been under our noses for a long time! No not the Aquila gods or the Titans. I'm talking about Grandmother raven and Bartley. They made the spiral, the titans and who knows what else, and when it was getting bad they nudged our wizards along the right path. However you may say, grandmother raven was the one that helped and she helped the wizards only. Well, to that I say. You are absolutely right, however Bartleby's roots are what connect the spiral, while the Aquila gods made the windstones, its still Bartleby's roots that we travel on. Don't you find it odd that we are able to go exactly where we need to? Yup that's grandmother raven twisting our fate a little and Bartleby is helping her. Think of it this way, Raven is the superior and Bartleby is the henchman. They slowly change the fate of those they need to save the spiral and by doing that control the spiral. When someone falls out of line, like Kane and tries to destroy the spiral they pull some strings. Think back to Wintertusk, and the Tapestry of fate quest. It was altered and torn. Then we fixed it. So who is to say Grandmother raven couldn't do the same. She alters the fate of a certain pirate and wizard and helps the spiral. But the real question is, is that good? The spiral is in trouble, and its failing. Think of it as a world, when things go bad, it does a soft reset. Like an Ice age for example. The spiral knows things need to be reset, yet grandmother raven is trying to stop it from starting over and becoming better. Another reason it is bad, is because it affects us, we don't have free will, we get dragged into danger we shouldn't, and we suffer loss. Wizards with Azteca and Pirates with their parents and memories. Grandmother raven ultimately runs the show with the help of Bartleby, she controls the fate of the spiral and while doing what she thinks is good for all, is not good for the player. I think if she died the spiral would be doomed, however is that so bad? Things would be better in the end and the new people could live out their lives in peace. The lesson here is that controlling people for the good of all is not always good, we didn't choose to be controlled by GR and we suffer for it without knowing why. If we choose to be someone's tool for the greater good we accept what might happen and its okay. In conclusion GR and Bartleby run the show, the people of the spiral are their puppets and if one puppet goes out of line they send another puppet to go after them with no risk to themselves. So, next time you play p101 and w101 think "Did I choose to help these people, or did someone else choose for me?"
cya in the spiral!

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