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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Haywaire armada VS SI (skyway)!

So, who would win if the haywire fleet invaded SI skyway and we weren't there? Well, lets look at some facts and you can decide.(much like the previous VS)
1. Armada ships are much stronger
2. Not as many armada ships
3. The armada dreadnaught takes several lvl 70 ships to beat it.
4. The haywire armada are a bit weaker.
5. SI is sort of defended.
Now lets play out a scenario. Here is how I think the fight would happen.
First the haywire armada fleet faces heavy resistance, loses a few ships but comes out on top. Next the land on SI, and the pirates who are fit to fight all fight them. A large battle happens while Avery escapes in the secret tunnel. The haywire armada lose a bit of their army and move towards Avery's Court after beating the resistance on SI. The remaining Armada face the trainers, get beaten, and then the commanders step in. I would say 3 out of the 5 trainers get defeated but 2 survive, most likely the buccaneer trainer and the musketeer trainer because he would be sniping in the back. Avery would then return and his dream of a pirate republic would be squashed since most of his trusted hands are gone and most if not all of the pirates on SI. In the end, the haywire armada would lose but at a heavy cost to SI, one which they would most likely not recover from. That's basically it, got to work on the next post today, so cya in the spiral!


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