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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cutthroats VS Warf rats, who wins in a battle for SI?

So, if there was a big battle for SI who would win? the Cutthroats or Warf rats? Both sides have some advantages, of which I'll list but first off. Sorry for the last 2 days, no wifi for awhile. So I'll do three posts today! Okay so here is what I'll do, state some facts, some disadvantages and advantage's on both sides and leave you to decide.
Facts: Warf Rats reach extends to MB. It is said to be bad for everyone when the Rats work together. Warf Rats have a much stronger navy but most likely less ships. Cutthroats reach extends through all skull island except port regal. Cutthroats proved to troublesome for the MB navy.
Advantages of the cutthroats.
1. Their hideout is well protected.
2. They are stronger physically.
3. They have far more ships.
4. They have their fins in much of skull island
5. They have been resourceful
CT disadvantages.
1. Their ships are not as strong.
2. They don't have connections in other worlds.
3. While they can be strategic it usually is a 3rd party leading or a rare smart cutthroat.
Advantages of Warf Rats,
1. Stronger ships.
2. Connections in MB
3. Smarter.
4. More sneaky.
5. Hard to get to the leaders.
Disadvantages of WR
1. Weak in strength compared to a cutthroat.
2. Limited ships
3. Their hideout, scrimshaw is easy to get to and not very well protected.
So, both sides seem to be about even. In my opinion its a matter of who can last the longest.
Well that's the first post! cya in the spiral!

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