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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

spiral map theory, why the center of the spiral is doomed!

So, a big argument in the spiral is, who is the center of the spiral? Valencia says they are, Wizard city looks like the center and MB made a map with nobody in the center. So today I'll explain why if you are the center of the spiral, you are doomed!

On a past KI live, it was stated that the spiral is basically a galaxy.  I can guess due to the similarities between out galaxy and the spiral as well as earth and the spiral that the spiral is basically a spiral galaxy. Now, here are some pictures of spiral galaxy's, try to find whats in common with them.

In case you couldn't tell, look at the center. See that big glowing bulgy spot? Well most likely that's a cluster of black holes. And if you don't know what black holes are, well here is a simple explanation. They destroy everything that's near them. So why does this matter? Well that means the center world is doomed to be sucked in by a black hole. That is, if the spiral is a normal spiral galaxy. Which I do believe it is. Now, for the real question, which world is actually at the center? Well the answer is simple, its wizard city, there is proof from the site and in game that I will now show

So it seems Wizard City takes the doom cake for being in the center of the spiral. 
In conclusion, due to the spiral being well, a spiral galaxy, Wizard City is doomed due to the fact most spiral galaxy's have black holes in the center. So quest in wiz while you can, because it won't be around for long!
Cya in the spiral!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

We only beat kane because of the MB war

Sorry forthe long wait. Thanksgiving is the reason I couldn't make some new posts. But besides that here is the post!
So, if Kane is better than any living creature, how did a human (one of the weakest creatures physically in the spiral) child beat him? Well he sure didn't let us, he tried to kill us. I believe the MB war weakened hid forces an in turn him. A leader is only as strong as his men after all. But to put this theory into perspective, he spent a vast amount of resources into the war before we entered. When we joined we destroyed beachhead, ships and a dreadnought. When we left things were dead even. This means Kane had to move troops and ships as well as ammo and materials from places like Cadiz to MB. If Kane had all the resources at hand he could have easily overwhelmed us. Is there any way to provend this though? Well not directly bit in some ways we can make connections.
1. Cadiz is the capital of VA but the capital city was heavily lacking in armada.
2. MB and VA are still at war, we can tell because the only ship with MB dogs is The Pretender. Plus there is no MB ambassador.
3. What armada were in VA although few gave us some trouble, unlike other armada. So either they were upgraded to make up for lack of defense or all armada there were like that.
In conclusion, we owe our success to the war because it diverted a massive army away from Kane and us. That's all for now! cya in the spiral!


Monday, November 19, 2018

Why our pirate doesnt have a fleet!

So, people sometimes ask this. Why doesn't our pirate have a fleet? Well that's simple, even in real life pirate fleets were rare(pirates usually had one or a few ships, not a whole fleet). Why you may ask? Well, they are pirates, and commanding a fleet requires loyalty and order. Something Pirates are not known for. Plus, ships require large crews, and we don't have the manpower for multiple ships. So, are there any alternatives? Yes! There are a few but the one that makes the most sense is this, we capture other pirate ships, recruit them, and leave them to their devices while they pay us a sum of money every month or so. While its not a fleet that we command it is a fleet of ships under our service, they could all have our flag and help us when we need them but it wouldn't be a fleet that follows us. This would lead to several things the game could add, allies to help us in battle, us owning a skyway, like a command and conquer system, and of course fleet pvp. But there are two reasons this is not happening.
Reason 1.
The coding:
If you ever coded a game you will know this is next to impossible for an MMO, to many variables and what ifs. Plus, its just not necessary right now.
Reason 2.
We are still young pirates:
While we do command a bunch of older pirates, we redeemed them, we got to know them and we have fought with them. I don't think some cutthroat would follow us no questions asked. We are young, well known but not for being pirates and not well liked by a lot of other pirate groups. It wouldn't make sense if we captured a ship from a faction that hates us and the crew is like "Okay, we will follow you."
I would personally love to have a fleet, but it doesn't make sense game wise or in real life wise. So, if that solution doesn't work what will? Well to be honest, nothing. The only solution there is, is to give each Companion a ship and explain they can control it all because spiral magic. I could see them doing that but lets be real, it would only apply to ship pvp because that would clutter the skyway. So that's all!
cya in the spiral!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Moo Manchu will take over Mooshu!

So, this will be a short post again (sorry, a bit short on time) on the reason Moo Manchu will eventually take over Mooshu. What I'm going to do is state each reason and explain why this will help him. Let's begin!

1. He is immortal. Remember when we went to the bottom the lake with the blue oni to get that elixir? It was the elixir of life and who owned it but Moo Manchu. That means he will live forever and get as many tries as he wants to take over Mooshu.
2. He has connections in high places. Yes we beat Tso, but he had to know somebody to get to Tso. In fact, he probably knows a lot of government officials. That would certainly help him.
3. He is good at strategy, like for example making stone warriors that are hard to hurt or getting weapons the rest of the military doesn't. He also convinced loyal soldiers to join him, so he has a way with words.
4. He excels at magic. Might not seem good to some, but he can certainly use it to his advantage, like with the terror-cotta.
5. He controls the inoshishi. A large bandit group that the government is hard pressed to stop? check he controls them and their recourses.
6. Mooshu is in turmoil, not fully his doing but it helps him a ton! The more divided a country the easier it is to gain power.
7. The emperor doesn't have a heir. As far as we know of their is no heir to become emperor of mooshu, most likely the seat will go to the strongest or who the government votes for and guess who has a hand in the pockets of government officials?
8. He is intelligent, and he uses it to his advantage. Just think, he tries to get you to join him before he fights you so he has a better chance of coming out of this encounter with gain rather than loss.
Well that's a nice even number to end on! Again sorry for the short post, I'll cya in the spiral!


Friday, November 16, 2018

Avery VS Ambrose, who is the better leader?

This isn't so much as a post as a list what Avery and Ambrose do right and wrong. I might go over some stuff but maybe not. So without further ado, here is the list of what they do right and wrong!
What Avery Does right:
1. Only fully trust his closest companions
2. When someone breaks his trust he gives them a second chance.
3. When someone fails that second chance he no longer trusts them.
4. Has people earn and show they can be trusted and contribute to his society.
5. Has backup plans in case things go wrong.
6. Makes connections in high places.
What Avery does wrong:
1. Doesn't keep control on his underlings.
2. Doesn't keep an eye on everything.
Overall, Avery does pretty much everything right, all he needs is to keep an eye on the people a bit more and have a bit more control.
What Ambrose does right:
1. Rewards jobs well done
2. Makes connections.
What Ambrose does wrong:
1. Is way to trusting.
2. Doesn't keep an eye on things,
3. The tutorial.
4. Doesn't protect his students.
5. Never does anything.
6. Lets things happen while passing a blind eye unless its directly brought to him.
Overall Ambrose is not a good leader. I've said this many times and hope this list shows that. While Ambrose has been there for more of the spiral's greatest threats, he was just kind of there.

Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Strength of the haywire armada fleet.

Alright, so a question that's been on my mind for awhile is, how strong is the haywire armada fleet? Well lets look at a few things, 1. the scouts, 2 the escorts and 3 the dreadnought. I'm assuming that when we stopped Kane we didn't stop his final order, to release a fleet to destroy the spiral. So assuming each fleet is the same, we will be looking at the one in SI alone. Now, the scouts and escorts are basically just a bunch of VA part 2 ships renamed, the best estimate of ships I can give you is 50, but there are infinite amount of escort ships so I would say about 15 scout ships and 35 escort ships. So basically a good sized fleet. Now, here is where things matter, the dread. It takes awhile to get to boarding level, with 5 max ships. With the best gear on its purple, and it has a group of armada on it ready to defend. It can shoot cannonballs from all sides and I doubt any normal fleet could hand it. So, those are its strengths, what about its weaknesses? Well there are really none, its heavily armored and well defended. I bet that no spiral power could defend against one. So, how would they win? The solution goes back to MB, with beachhead. A small army would have to board the dread while under heavy fire, then eliminate the crew and blow it up from inside. That's the only way any world could beat it. This was a bit short so here are a list of worlds that could beat it and maybe could
Could beat the dread: MB and Aquila. MB has the experience and Aquila has the ships and soldiers.
Possibly could  beat the dread: MQ. Mooshu, Polaris. MQ might be able to due to the fact that their ships are small and fast and you could fight a lot of monkeys on them, Mooshu, maybe they have the soldiers but no hand held guns. Polaris I'm really not sure. Maybe with Napoleguin but otherwise I don't think they could win.
The rest of the worlds Don't stand a chance. You might think Wizard city but no navy, you may also think GH but their boats have no cannons and little armor. Well that's all for now! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

MB, good or bad?

This is my opinion and probably mine alone but I think MB is the bad guy in the MB/VA war. My reason? Blind Mew on the official message boards stated that MB knew we were the ones that did the things that started the war. So why is this all that bad? Simple, if they knew why did they go to war with VA? They could have explained it was us and not them. So here is my theory on why they are the bad guys.

Most likely MB was waiting for an excuse to start war with VA. They were afraid of their power, and what it might mean for the MB empire. Because of this they readily accepted this chance at war, hoping to win and weaken VA for good. However VA was much stronger than anticipated and many lives were lost because of this. When you and bonnie went to MB they were suspicious of you because you started the war, the war they wanted. To be fair the suspicion is justified, however we did give them what they want. So during the war lives are lost and there is much hardship, but what about after? Most likely there will be more hardship, war costs money and that means more taxes which means more desperation and more crime. MB wanted a war, they got a war they thought would be over quick and help them in the long run but it hurt them in the short and long run.

In conclusion MB knew we caused the war, did nothing to stop it and tried to get personal gain from it. It backfired and now everyone suffers. While this was a short post I think I got my point across. sorry for the short posts today, 3 posts is kind of hard... Cya In the spiral!


Haywaire armada VS SI (skyway)!

So, who would win if the haywire fleet invaded SI skyway and we weren't there? Well, lets look at some facts and you can decide.(much like the previous VS)
1. Armada ships are much stronger
2. Not as many armada ships
3. The armada dreadnaught takes several lvl 70 ships to beat it.
4. The haywire armada are a bit weaker.
5. SI is sort of defended.
Now lets play out a scenario. Here is how I think the fight would happen.
First the haywire armada fleet faces heavy resistance, loses a few ships but comes out on top. Next the land on SI, and the pirates who are fit to fight all fight them. A large battle happens while Avery escapes in the secret tunnel. The haywire armada lose a bit of their army and move towards Avery's Court after beating the resistance on SI. The remaining Armada face the trainers, get beaten, and then the commanders step in. I would say 3 out of the 5 trainers get defeated but 2 survive, most likely the buccaneer trainer and the musketeer trainer because he would be sniping in the back. Avery would then return and his dream of a pirate republic would be squashed since most of his trusted hands are gone and most if not all of the pirates on SI. In the end, the haywire armada would lose but at a heavy cost to SI, one which they would most likely not recover from. That's basically it, got to work on the next post today, so cya in the spiral!


Cutthroats VS Warf rats, who wins in a battle for SI?

So, if there was a big battle for SI who would win? the Cutthroats or Warf rats? Both sides have some advantages, of which I'll list but first off. Sorry for the last 2 days, no wifi for awhile. So I'll do three posts today! Okay so here is what I'll do, state some facts, some disadvantages and advantage's on both sides and leave you to decide.
Facts: Warf Rats reach extends to MB. It is said to be bad for everyone when the Rats work together. Warf Rats have a much stronger navy but most likely less ships. Cutthroats reach extends through all skull island except port regal. Cutthroats proved to troublesome for the MB navy.
Advantages of the cutthroats.
1. Their hideout is well protected.
2. They are stronger physically.
3. They have far more ships.
4. They have their fins in much of skull island
5. They have been resourceful
CT disadvantages.
1. Their ships are not as strong.
2. They don't have connections in other worlds.
3. While they can be strategic it usually is a 3rd party leading or a rare smart cutthroat.
Advantages of Warf Rats,
1. Stronger ships.
2. Connections in MB
3. Smarter.
4. More sneaky.
5. Hard to get to the leaders.
Disadvantages of WR
1. Weak in strength compared to a cutthroat.
2. Limited ships
3. Their hideout, scrimshaw is easy to get to and not very well protected.
So, both sides seem to be about even. In my opinion its a matter of who can last the longest.
Well that's the first post! cya in the spiral!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

VA vs AQ who wins in a fight?

So, I saw this on central awhile back, and it seems the majority believe VA would win. Well I'm here to tell you that's simply not true. First off this will be a very short post, I'll just state the facts and let you decide. In the end I'll come up with my conclusion. So here are the facts to start out with.
1.We know AQ has at least 1000 battle ready ships.
2.We know AQ is full of able bodied warriors.
3.We know the armada is in turmoil and without leadership.
4. AQ would have the home field advantage
5. The armada is not as powerful as it once was.
6. AQ is not as technologically advanced.
7. The armada are without tacticians and AQ has several of the best tacticians in the spiral.
8. The armada would have to face people such as the amazons, centaurs and possibly vultures and snakes if they decided to invade.
9. AQ did just finish its war with the snakes so it is likely to be a bit weaker.
10. The armada are still pouring troops into the war with MB, so that means they can't spare enough for an all out war.
In conclusion I think AQ would win. While they did just finish a war VA is still at war. VA while it is technologically advanced they are not very powerful right now so that balances it out. Basically VA doesn't have the resources or means to successfully invade AQ. They might get through the stormgate but that's it. Well cya in the spiral!


Saturday, November 10, 2018

p101, monqusitian who is right and who is wrong?

So the monquistan says if I remember correctly (forgive me if I'm wrong) says bananas don't have seeds, therefore the banana came first, a new group says they do meaning the tree came first. A simple matter of which came first the chicken or the egg (the egg came first btw) so I'm here today to solve that little matter. If you remember we bring a "banana" with seeds to a hearing and it turns out it wasn't a banana! But here is a fun fact, the bananas monquistan's eat are the same we eat irl. Funny thing about that is we eat a genetically processed banana. Many bananas in the wild contain seeds, so much its hard to eat them. The common yellow banana we and the monquistan's eat is a mutant banana. So the real answer is obvious, the tree. Lets look at the chicken and the egg for a bit to further understand. Natural selection dictates that the strongest animal with the strongest gene survives, and this happens through evolution. This means as dinosaurs evolved they turned into birds and the T-Rex turned into a chicken. Before the chicken came there had to be eggs which hatched the first generation of them. This is the same with plants. If there is to be a plant there has to be the seeds which make the first plant. Then those seeds spread and make more of that plant and so on. Now that you know that, you can tell whoever it was that the tree came first. Also I got some valuable info here. So be sure to check that out. As always cya in the spiral!


Friday, November 9, 2018

The spirals age of new Tech is ending!

All good things must come to an end. Like the spital making new technology. Currently the spirals two leaders in tech are at war. Marleybone and Valencia. And they are also at a stalemate. Both sides will be producing more and more tech for war. This also means once the war is over there will be a ton of new tech. So, what happens now? Will they improve on it? Not likely. After this war MB or VA will have a version of the United States Great Depression, in which the economy collapsed. War is very costly, and many lives are lost during it which would mean less workers to further help advance society. The main reason I say the winner won't have enough money to produce new tech is this, during war, there are things like war bonds or scrap metal donations. I see none of this in MB or VA. This means they are using government recourses and money (keep in mind its the government in these worlds making the tech.) . Most likely here is what will happen.
1. The winner and loser's economy will collapse.
2. No new tech for awhile.
3. As the economy rises again new tech will come back.
In the end there is always new technology. But sometimes there are points where it kind of stops for awhile. I'm not saying its ending for good, it will continue but that advancements might stop for awhile. This was a really short post and not my best quality and for that I apologize, I'm a bit short on time but thank you for reading anyways. Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Why we do everything!

So, why do our Pirates and Wizards do everything? Is it that the spiral Is incompetent? Is it that we just have that chosen one status? Is it just MMO logic at its finest? No to all of them! The answer is in fact.....we are just stronger than everyone. True, I have stated the spiral is incompetent, and it is true we are the chosen ones in away, plus MMO logic doesn't need explaining but truth is, our wizards(MAGES!) have more magical power than the other students and the teachers are just to busy with teaching to do anything about any problems. Our pirates do everything because we are fresh meat. We aren't special at first, and other pirates aren't incompetent, we just need to prove ourselves in order to stay with avery. But still, we do show potential from the start, we storm the presidio alone, we stop a coup de ta, and more. Plus we did find gunns treasure and all others failed. Well except rat beard but he had the map. Overall we are just better than the rest. We don't do everything because we have to. More like we need too. So throw mmo logic our and accept the facts, our wizards are strong from the start and our pirates need to prove themselves. Hope that cleared things up and cya in the spital

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wysteria is a better magic school.

So, lets get this out of the way. Yes Wysteria had to cheat to win, yes they aren't better at combat. BUT! They are more competent (they don't send new students to fight draconians and former school teachers) and their schools aren't focused on combat, which makes them more wizard like. True, Mages are wizards but that's like calling a poodle a bulldog. They are dogs/wizards but are really different. Point is, there are a few ways Wysteria is better. I will name them all and explain them.

1.Competence. While they do cheat, the headmaster doesn't send students into battle. She leaves it to the guards and wants students to study. As opposed to Ambrose who sends his students to battle, and lets students cheat on assignments. Overall, Ambrose is incompetent while Headmaster Crisp is not.
2. They learn how to be proper people. I mean you see pigs learning more than magic, they have their own houses, they learn proper posture. Things like that. That means they wont be stuck in Ravenwood forever (we were the first to graduate...) and if they decide to leave they can survive on their own.
3. They have drive. Not car drive but motivation. Wizards in wizard city seem to have no motivation. Meanwhile Wysteria pigs will cheat if that means they can win and earn glory. Sure its selfish but its still motivation.
4. Its more civilized. Wysteria is more civilized. Lets just face it. Wysteria is more advanced in architecture, more advanced in teaching, and more advanced in benefits for the students. WC looks medieval and doesn't help students with anything but magic. That's not how it works now.
5.  Its better in its collection of study material. I mean have you seen its library! as compared to wiz library where most of it is shut off, the only reason part of the Wysteria library is shut off is a monster.
Overall Wysteria accomplishes several things required for a student WC doesn't. If I had to choose between Ravenwood and Wysteria the answer is obvious, also a better environment can improve your studies! For example this study by a student from Michigan state university shows that a better classroom environment leads to student success.
So, while this was short, in multiple ways I have proven that Wysteria is a better school. I hope you agree and cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How to dominate the spiral!

So, how would you dominate the spiral if you were in charge of a world? Well that's simple! Here is a step by step guide on how to dominate the spiral!

Step 1. Be in charge of a world! lets use Aquila for example.
Step 2. Expand your political influence throughout the spiral! Send ambassadors to every world.
Step 3. Make powerful allies! You would need 2 or 3. Preferably those on your border like mooshu, MQ and Valencia.
Step 4. Take out all the other powers and slowly take over more lands! Simple enough, fight MB with your allies and take over its lands. Then just attack weaker lands and take over them!
Step 5. Recruit soldiers from the lands you conquered and build factories for weapons, ammo, rations and ships on the lands! This is important for the next step!
Step 6. Once you have all of the spiral under your control except your allies, pit them against one another, and don't help them! Once one side wins quickly invade them! They will be weak and unable to fight, also, invade the defeated side as well, split your forces evenly and attack!
Step 7. Establish A Democracy! You will be the emperor for sure, and your word will be final, but get Representatives from each world to make the people think they have some control.
Step 8. Name a successor! Don't tell anyone who though! Write it down and hide it in a safe or something!
Step 9. Continue to build you're army and navy incase of revolution.
Step 10. Enjoy a spiral that you own!

Cya in the spiral!

Monday, November 5, 2018

secret spiral war about to happen!

So, what if, there was a war going on without you realizing it? Not a physical war, but a political war. No not Monquista politics but that would go into it. I'm talking about the power Valencia lost when we beat the armada. Something similar happened before in the spiral. Dragonspyre was a major power but was wiped out because of the dragon titan, while the spiral did lose a major military power there was no power lost because they were wiped out, not still around. Valencia on the other hand is still a habitable world, there are still unicorns and some regular unicorn soldiers. But the main source of their power, the armada, is gone. Valencia is benefitable if it was conquered, multiple stormgates, ample supply of food and water, technology superior to others in some ways, and of course the knowledge it holds, if it be ancient texts or new scientific discoveries its valuable to other powers like MB. So while it seems likely you would invade VA while its weak, and that might happen because they wronged a lot of people and still do due to the random haywire armada attacks, that is not what will first happen. Ambassadors to VA will try to dig up secrets and see if Kane really is dead, then they will fight with each other for powerful allies, they will tell bad things about the other worlds to nobles in hopes the noble will align with them not other worlds. Here is how it will play out in a step by step form.
1. Ambassadors will act as spy's and find out everything about the situation of the armada.
2. Then they will seek allies in the nobility and remaining army, in hopes they will have some backing and figureheads if they take over Valencia.
3. As they build power and get more contacts, other ambassadors will be trying to stop them, if it be threats or reputation destroying.
4. The last Ambassador will hold a lot of power, most likely a monquistan due to the fact they are excellent at politics and either overthrow the king by force or more subtly.
5. Revolution, the kings supporters fight the monquistan's military and their unicorn backers.
6. MQ wins, and secures VA as a part of MQ making MQ one of the most powerful worlds if not the most powerful.
7.  Other spiral powers fight for control of MQ and VA because they are afraid of that power.
8. Spiral War breaks out.
So, don't think this is happening? Lets look how most wars are started in real life. They are started for political reasons as well as a mean to gain power. Just like what I explained. When a major power weakens others a quick to jump on them, like the former USSR, when it disbanded there was no war, but the rest of the world was relieved to the point were you could say there would have been a war. Or better yet Germany after WWII. Germany lost the war and was very weak, so the US and USSR split Germany into sections belonging to them. After that, there was spying and politics that were a move for more power. The game may not be saying this is happening but it is, animals fear stronger animals, when a threat is weak they wont hesitate to get it out of the way to preserve their safety. VA a huge threat is weak right now, what would you do? Get it out of the way for good and not worry, or leave it to grow strong again? I know what I would pick. So, now that you know war is happening because we beat Kane, prepare yourself. Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Witchdoctors are dark mages! (fight seeking wizards but evil)

Title says it all, cya in the spiral

Joking... So some of you may already know this but, my definition of wizard is someone who hoards knowledge and magic, and doesn't generally seek fights. A mage, is a sub class of wizard who doesn't seek knowledge and mainly attack magic and loves to fight. So, here is why a witchdoctor is a mage. Witchdoctors mainly use hoodoo, a form of dark magic that is commonly associated with the north American south or Africa. It mainly deals with things like voodoo dolls and stuff like that. The main difference is European magic is generally viewed as being used for good like the tales of king Arthur, while Dark magic is thought to be used for evil, like summoning demons, cursing your enemies and controlling them. While wizards do this, its only side spells, not commonly used except in schools like death which is closely related to dark magic. However, this is still not used as much as some attack spells. Most classes later on don't rely on summons or that man traps and curses for their fights due to them being op with their attack spells. Witchdoctors on the other hand, are known for their attacks and buffs. Their attacks sometimes involve ghosts and electric type mojo attacks, the ghosts are an obvious sign of dark magic and the buffs which are chickens could be a reference to the witch trials in Salem which it was said in the crucible (a play about the witch trials) that a chicken was used to summon the devil. The devil is known for making people stronger in return for something, and it could be theorized WD lose armor and die easily from melee attacks in return for buffs. Overall witchdoctors spells seem to relate to dark magic and deals with the devil, now what about their companions? Mostly undead and animals which would again could be a reference to the devils army, the undead and unholy alliances with beasts. Like the battacuta which would eat you but becomes your friends. Now how does this relate to being like our wizards(/mages)? Simple, while its considered primitive and evil, witchdoctors still do magic. That means they could fight our wizards on an even playing field or study at Ravenwood. Magic comes in many forms, technology (bishop combined them) the European style (ravenwood) the more western style (Wysteria) and the dark kind (SI witchdoctors) and the most ancient style of magic (the celestial and shadow which could be the first magic, that of the devil) So, in conclusion, Witchdoctors are wizards in a sense. And they are very much like our own wizards in wizard101. So, the theory is that WD are wizards like in w101, and I can confidently say yes they are Cya in the spiral!


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Secret spiral society?

Disclaimer: I am not done with the wiz story yet, so forgive me if I miss anything or the fact that grandmother raven seems to be bad. So sorry if some things don't make sense!

So, remember when you first go to krystalis you put together a spiral society that seemingly nobody knew about? And then there was the Arcanum with all the best wizards for each school of magic and in p101 there was Kanes court while everyone knew about it they didn't know much and just a bunch of little secret society's. Well what if I told you there was a big one, an illuminati type gang that controls the spiral, and they have been under our noses for a long time! No not the Aquila gods or the Titans. I'm talking about Grandmother raven and Bartley. They made the spiral, the titans and who knows what else, and when it was getting bad they nudged our wizards along the right path. However you may say, grandmother raven was the one that helped and she helped the wizards only. Well, to that I say. You are absolutely right, however Bartleby's roots are what connect the spiral, while the Aquila gods made the windstones, its still Bartleby's roots that we travel on. Don't you find it odd that we are able to go exactly where we need to? Yup that's grandmother raven twisting our fate a little and Bartleby is helping her. Think of it this way, Raven is the superior and Bartleby is the henchman. They slowly change the fate of those they need to save the spiral and by doing that control the spiral. When someone falls out of line, like Kane and tries to destroy the spiral they pull some strings. Think back to Wintertusk, and the Tapestry of fate quest. It was altered and torn. Then we fixed it. So who is to say Grandmother raven couldn't do the same. She alters the fate of a certain pirate and wizard and helps the spiral. But the real question is, is that good? The spiral is in trouble, and its failing. Think of it as a world, when things go bad, it does a soft reset. Like an Ice age for example. The spiral knows things need to be reset, yet grandmother raven is trying to stop it from starting over and becoming better. Another reason it is bad, is because it affects us, we don't have free will, we get dragged into danger we shouldn't, and we suffer loss. Wizards with Azteca and Pirates with their parents and memories. Grandmother raven ultimately runs the show with the help of Bartleby, she controls the fate of the spiral and while doing what she thinks is good for all, is not good for the player. I think if she died the spiral would be doomed, however is that so bad? Things would be better in the end and the new people could live out their lives in peace. The lesson here is that controlling people for the good of all is not always good, we didn't choose to be controlled by GR and we suffer for it without knowing why. If we choose to be someone's tool for the greater good we accept what might happen and its okay. In conclusion GR and Bartleby run the show, the people of the spiral are their puppets and if one puppet goes out of line they send another puppet to go after them with no risk to themselves. So, next time you play p101 and w101 think "Did I choose to help these people, or did someone else choose for me?"
cya in the spiral!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Haunted skyway, why is it haunted?

So, why is haunted skyway haunted? That's a difficult question to answer since ghosts aren't real (in my opinion but I could be wrong.) My theory is that haunted skyway like Miranda is stuck in time. Because blood cheated death not only did Miranda get stuck in time but so did the whole skyway. While I can't prove this with in game lore I can sort of prove it with hypothetical science. First lets understand what time is. Time isn't real, or at least the time we think is real. Most people think time like in time zones, which is not accurate. Time is a straight line, point a to b. This means its the same point in time for everyone everywhere. Next lets understand what happens when time stops, and that would be nothing. The universe doesn't run on time, its a man made concept. However death is talking about Miranda being in limbo, where time has no meaning. This is in a sense you are stuck at point A unable to go to point B. Now since haunted skyway is bloods domain its safe to say it was affected as well. From what I understand about ghosts is they stick to the place where they have unfinished business, and since they all seem to be in limbo, it would make since they have unfinished business in haunted skyway because they live there. This would also explain why they haven't invaded the other skyways. Another theory is they are all attracted to death, but this is unlikely since people still die in other places. But while this was a short post because I didn't have much to go on, I will say this. My theories, if they be long or short, have a ton of work in them. I look up most of my stuff to make sure its correct, and research studies on the topic so I can better understand them. If the post is short I had little to work with. If its long, I had a lot to work with. But either way I enjoy doing theories and enjoy it when you enjoy my theories, a ton of enjoyment. I shall see you in the spiral!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Troggies primitve or not?

So, this will kick off my post a day for this month! My question is, are troggies really the primitive creatures we make them out to be? While nobody says outright they are primitive, they don't treat them as equals which says they think they are lesser beings. But are they really? My answer is no. They are as smart as the residents of SI if not smarter. I will be going over several points to prove my theory. Lets start with number one, they know modern military tactics and technology.

So despite them being isolated and not fighting with the residents of Skull island, they know they have cannons, they know how to counter cannons, and they can use their location to their advantage. Plus they do raids on supplies, bombard places that can fight back and successfully pined down a task force designed to take them out. This shows not only they are advanced at warfare they possibly have spies which can tell them all about their enemy. And lets not forget they captured a key enemy and kept a close eye on the key to free him. What I'm saying is despite being "primitive" if it wasn't for us this primitive society could have very well defeated a far more advanced society. So basically they are advanced in their Military tactics, but what about other ways, like tools and government?

Tools: While they don't build things like large stone houses or ships they can build things like shrines and huts in trees. This shows they can use tools and have an understanding of architecture and engineering. We see huts in trees, a solid cage a frog with two guns couldn't break through, we see mini shrines dedicated to some sort of krokagator. Plus engineering wise the seem to understand how the ancient Azteca machines work and how they affect them, the flooded shrine for example, they understand what the buttons do and how it would affect them if they were all pushed as seen when you push a button more come. Overall they appear to have modern intelligence when it comes to tools.

Their government: Their government appears to be a form of Monarchy. Their chief doesn't seem to be elected but most powerful rules. However while this government is primitive in its ways they do have an established government. Which means while tribal its a hierarchy of positions. The chief would be the highest, the shamans would be the next highest and hunters and warriors would be on the bottom. This shows a clear step of leadership which says they have made their government less primitive and almost a democracy.

Other points: So besides government, tools and their tactics what are they not primitive in? For one they seem to have been able to migrate between islands at one point long ago due to the fact that they are on SI, The scurvy dog hideout and isle of doom and possibly more. This shows they were at one point able to sail the skyways due to the fact that settlers recently came and they have evolved to be very different. Another thing is they are capable of learning different species languages which is very hard if not impossible for everyone else. This has been in one case, the troggy that joins gortez. This while an isolated case shows that they are capable of understanding and speaking other creatures languages fluently.

Conclusion: they are far from primitive, in fact you could argue they are smarter than most species in the spiral. They are able to outsmart people with better technology and who fought in wars, they can use tools and understand engineering, they have a government, and they seem to be able to travel between islands and speak different languages. I believe they have achieved a sort of bliss point in their technology at one point, basically they got as far in technology as they wanted and then they settled down and used it sparingly. They understand they can't rely on technology so they use a mixture of tech and nature. What I'm trying to say is they are technologically advanced but choose to not flaunt it and use it only when needed.

With that Ill see you in the spiral!