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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pirate101 turns 6!

So I've played p101 since year one. While I have taken breaks here and there I always come back. So in honor of p101 turning 6 I'll do 6 things that I remember about it and 6 things p101 helped me with irl.

1. I remember the original intro, honestly it was amazing. You just have to watch it to see.
2. I remember getting denied beta. No that's not bad, I was just late. But It did make me want to play it more.
3. I remember Seeing pirate parrot mounts everywhere when I first logged on. It was very cool, I actually didn't know that was a bundle mount and attacked enemies who had parrots because I thought it was a drop!
4. I remember making some good friends. Friends that to be honest haven't seen online in years but if they come online today we can strike up conversation like nothing happened.
5. I remember coming home from school and logging on to my computer and playing p101 because it made me happy.
6. I remember the good and the bad. I remember stuff like some fun quests and some not so fun like the collect the key quest from inoshishi bandits (before the patch)

Things that pirate101 helped me with.
1. My depression. Pirate101 made me happy and forget I was sad.
2. My social life. MMO's mainly p101 taught me how too interact with people irl.
3. My being bullied problem. Once I wasn't socially awkward because of p101 I was no longer bullied.
4. My dislike for people. I don't dislike people now, but because I didn't understand people I disliked them, but making friends in p101 fixed that!
5. My studies. P101 believe it or not made me smarter! I learned to spell better, learned about culture and learned about history!
6. All the tough times in my life. while I had tough times before, some of my toughest were in middle school, I was severely depressed and wanted to hurt myself (don't do it!) but p101 was there for me, through good and bad. Honestly, when people use video games for good it can make a big impact. When people say video games are bad for you they are right if you play them too much, but they are more good than bad, they bring people together, they save lives and they are fun!

Happy Birthday Pirate101! I raise a flask of yum to another 6 years!


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