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Monday, October 22, 2018

How my blog is different and why!

So you may have noticed all official blogs seem to have a theme. Paige does decorations, and Edward does community event type stuff. So what? You might ask, well let me tell you a quote by Stephan King.(not exact quote but bear with me) "All of our brains have a filter, some filters let sludge through that others wouldn't." And this made me think, what does my brain filter through? If you were an early ready or just looked around a bit you would know at first I was everywhere, guides, housing, writing etc. But now I mainly do theories that make you think more about the game. So besides my writing what else is different? You notice how most 101 blogs are usually colorful right? Well not mine, Mine is generally a darker color, my music is sad while some which have music are fun or w101 like. Another thing you might notice is that I'm not afraid to hide the bad stuff, I will say I've been through depression, or that the spiral doesn't have a bright future. Overall, I think my blog reflects my personality, I have a rather dark outlook on life, I think logically and try to figure everything out even if I have little to go on, I like darker colors as opposed to bright cheerful colors. Overall, I think I like dragonspyre because it sort of reflects me, but besides that, my blog is very different from all others. Is that a bad thing? No I don't think so. Writing can reflect the soul,and because you constantly come back and view my posts doesn't mean you're like me, you just like to learn about the game and put together puzzle pieces that really aren't there with me. This post wasn't for me to say I am different and that's it, it was more to talk about how being different at writing is good and normal. So what's the point of this post? well, how would you, the fans like a section where you can submit ideas, do your own posts and comment on each others posts? I've kind of been toying with that idea for awhile but never got to it. So I'm going to make a section, where you can submit ideas and do you're own posts if you ask to do them and I approve! So when this comes out I'll work on that. I hope to see what all of you contribute and want! Cya in the spiral!


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