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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What i'm doing in game design class!

So while this isn't a direct p101/w101 post it goes into how games are made! So if you don't know, I'm in college taking a game design class. So here's what I've learned so far.
1. Teams are essential to game design. While mostly made up of artists programmers and designers are important as well, however artists are what make the game playable and not just code.
2. Before you even make the full game you must make the rough draft for people to test as simple as possible. For example just include core mechanics, you don't need things like loot tables or anything just the necessity's.
3. You can make up the rules before you even make the game! So basically before you even start making the game and just have an idea you can flesh out the rules. It seems obvious but its something we often forget.
4. Racing games are the easiest to make and RPG are the hardest. Seems obvious and for obvious reasons but I never thought of it so its a fun fact.
5. This is the most important so I saved it for last. While its true you can make a game alone (like I usually do) being part of a team is the best way. Even though we are all anti social nerds we need to work together to make our dreams come true. We all start small and build up, and when one person slacks off the whole team faces the consequences. But basically while its true some people can do the work alone and be successful its better to do it as a team and not have to carry the burden yourself.

I've only been in one class since I signed up late and then labor day (classes happen every Monday) but I've learned already! I'm glad I'm taking this step forward towards advancing my career and maybe one day I will work at KI! I'll cya in the spiral!


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