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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Test realm skeleton key bosses, how soloable are they? plus my thoughts on the update.

So lets talk about something, the new skeleton key bosses are hard! But how hard are they? I answered that question by soloing them without doubloons or henchmen. All my companions died but I did solo every boss. So what gear/companions will you need and for who?

Gear: Bloods Robe, Kane class gear, Ashes of the armada pack weapon. I don't have Moo Manchus boots so those are optional. Also Kane's mask and the Empire bundle shoes are good as well.
Old Scratch: Any companions with a charge, mainly goro and ratbeard.
Duck of death: melee companions only, any one is fine as long as they have multiple hits.
Blood: Ranged companions are a must! Preferably Nausica, Bonnie, and another of your choosing.
Brass Monkey: any companions really. Just spam attack brass!

Scratch: kill scratch first then the bobby bones then Neville.
Duck: use the basin, then everyone attack duck.
Blood: if your melee use your ranged companions on blood while you fight the other mobs, if ranged focus on blood with companions.
Brass Monkey: just attack him.

As for the update. Here's what I think. After giving it some time, I was at first disappointed. It seemed as if this update was mainly a cash grab. However after playing through some of it I find that everything is really worth the cost. The elixirs could be better if it was on every character however I can see that being a problem coding and money wise. P101 needs money if we want updates, and while these things may seem expensive they are worth the cost now and in the long run. As for the key bosses they have my approval as well. While challenging they are a welcome feature that give buffs to some commonly used low level gear such as bloods jacket. While I don't think their drops will replace Kane and Moo I do think the badges give us a reason to buy a membership and farm. Other people have soloed every boss, so it shows that they are the right amount of challenge, tough enough to require people who haven't farmed their hearts out to get help and something to test yourself if you have farmed all the best gear. Overall I give this update a 9/10. Its a great update, however it focused a bit much on the cash grab, but that's understandable!
See you all in the spiral!


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