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Friday, September 28, 2018

Spiral doors, a theory on the questions nobody has asked.

So remember the Azteca quest in SI? the one where you have to collect the crystal skull and defeat that dino in the pyramid? Well you are probably wondering how the people from Azteca got there. Well it was a spiral door. That random pillar thing in their camp was a spiral door. So that begs the question, why don't wizards visit SI if there is a door? Because remember you can use a door to get to any world as long as you have a key, but that's the problem, keys are hard to come by. But this begs another question, how did the Aztecasaurs build a spiral door if there wasn't one there? So I am going to answer those questions, how are keys made and where do spiral doors come from? Lets start with where spiral doors come from.

Spiral door were always there. My theory states that while Bartleby was connecting the broken spiral grandmother raven or Bartleby himself was making a way for its residents to travel to and from worlds. Because remember, there were intelligent lifeforms around during the war of the titans, we know this through some dialogue about how some MB scientists had a theory certain worlds were connected and through some pictures on some walls in Grizzleheim, which showed the fights between the titans. Plus there is the quest in the beginning to learn about the schools but since each one has a different story I cant trust those endings which means I cant trust the source. But what about they keys? Well lets say Grandmother raven made the doors, so Bartleby made the keys, or vice versa. They wouldn't make many since people could still travel through the skyways at the time so this explains why they are scarce. There is probably only a few keys per world and they were to be used for emergencies. I would like to point out our wizard has traveled the skyways, such as our diplomacy visit to GH or even the Krok boat which shows even worlds with spiral doors rely more on boat travel than the doors. Also I would like to point out Spiral door keys seem to be of great value, we can see this because only people like the Emperor of MS hold one, and not anyone else, even the emperors most trusted people such as the jade champion. So in conclusion, spiral doors have been around since the spiral came to be, and door keys are scarce and valuable, only to be made in emergency. We can also conclude keys were given to each world, but only for travel to one world, like Azteca to SI and Mooshu to DS.

This was a fun theory that gave me several ideas, look out for more on the topic of spiral doors and keys in the future, See ya in the spiral!


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