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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Spiral doors part 3!

So spiral technology, how far is the spiral as a whole on it? Well here is a surprise, its non existent! MB and Valencia both have technology but the spiral as a whole basically just relies on magic. But that's no fun as a post! So here is the most advanced technology the spiral has, and how it works! Teleportation!

When you are thinking of porting I don't mean to a friend I mean the world area porters. In particular MB. MB seems to have combined the porters with magic. Keep in mind while this is Victorian London in the spiral in modern times we don't even have teleporters! So what makes them work? are we becoming particles and moving or are we moving in time from when we were there to when we get there if we had walked? Well my answer is, while MB scientists don't think magic is real they use it! Look at Dr. Katenstien for example. He knows what magic is and uses it so he has surpassed modern MB technology by bringing the dead back to life. Or the Doctor using magic with science to time travel. My theory is MB scientist's were inspired by wizards teleporting (ancient porters) and tried to recreate it with science. They succeeded however not in the way you think. Old Porters seemed to turn on with magic however if that were true with MB they wouldn't produce them and put them everywhere, it seems they could be turned on by normal people as well. So the farthest the spiral has gotten is not just teleporters but the fact that non magic people can use magic infused technology. This far surpasses time travel and bringing the dead to life because everyone can use it, and that's the reason for technology. To help people and for it to be a unifier. One of my favorite quotes about this comes from a certain comic book franchise. It basically says magic and technology are the same, one is just modern days version. So that's what the most advanced technology is in the spiral! short post but a good lesson, technology isn't just for playing games or to make things easier, its to help people and unify people. Technology is for the good, not for making you more powerful!
See you in the spiral!


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