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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spiral doors part 2! doors, ships and... blimps? oh my! a theory on spiral transportation!

So, we have three confirmed methods of travel through the spiral, 1 spiral doors, 2 ships and 3 blimps. So what is next? Well I would have to say planes, and not just any planes, commercial planes! You see, the only actual way public transportation exists in the spiral from world to world is ships, blimps still are used by mb for military exploration and possibly conquest but they aren't available to the public outside of MB city, even there its not to travel from island to island, its just to travel from place to place. Which makes you think, what comes next? Like I said planes, MB is the leader in spiral technology advancement rivaled only by Valencia which with the death of the armada elite, mainly Bishop, their advancements should be slowing down. True time in the spiral works differently but there is a shared technology, and that's ships. We already have advanced to steamboats via cool ranch and ships made out of metal via Valencia. Plus MB invaded cool ranch giving it its modern technology such as steamboats so its safe to say MB has or had steamboats. Plus with the MB/VA war MB would no doubt salvage VA ships and see how they work, ultimately understanding VA modern era ships. This advancement in technology would lead to advancements in multiple fields. One would be public transportation, since those closely relate to ships. No doubt they would try and cross blimps, with steam powered engines, as well as the science behind metal ships and what would you get? a plane! But since MB has planes (we see pictures of WWI style pilots which seem to be piloting a plane) the next step would be metal ones, with that success they could make ship sized planes, stick people and cargo on them and successfully go faster than a ship. So, would that make ships and spiral doors obsolete? Why no! ships would still be used for combat, spiral doors would be used by our wizards, and blimps would be used in MB city still since planes wouldn't be practical. But this leads to another theory, and here it is the final theory in a three part theory, How far is the collected spiral technology, or in other words how far is spiral technology as a whole. the answer may surprise you! See you in the spiral!


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