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Friday, September 7, 2018

some p101 fun facts from the boards!

1. One thing that interests me is the question of how long it would take to travel from say, skull island, to say, Aquila, but my point is, how long does it take to travel from one port to another?
It's not something we've ever really worried about - game time (what you the player are doing) is so compressed vs. Spiral time, that the most i'm ever inclined to say is that someplace might be "very far" away or something like that. Now, were i writing fiction or something, I'd say a journey from Skull Island to Flotsam would take maybe a day, but the Spiral Thread passage to Monquista is closer to a week. Does that help?
combat is non-lethal, even the melee combat (it may look rough, but there's no blood). We often make it clear that opponents give up, giving many of them sour grapes speeches after their defeat.  (
Is Bonnie Anne's name Bonnie Anne, Anne, Bonnie, Annie or something else the Bonnie would never tell us ? Or would that be telling
Once you've played V for Vulpine, you can infer the particulars, but to make them plain:

She was born Anne Fox, often called Annie Fox. By the time she was a young lady, she'd picked up the nickname of Bonny because she was very pretty, (and very Scottish - at least by Earth standards).

When Bonny Annie Fox had her falling out with Guy and the Radicals, she dropped her last name and switched the spelling of her first name, going by Bonnie Anne in her new career as a pirate.

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