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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

16k views (nearly)! Some of my blog fun facts!

First off, thank you for the constant support! I wouldn't do this if it wasn't for the community. I don't see blogging as a chore or something I'm inclined to do, I see it as a way of giving back to the community which has helped me through some tough times. So in celebration of this success here are some fun facts about my blog!

1. My top ten most viewed posts!
1. War In the spiral, a pirate101 post. 461 views
2. A guide to pet snack farming in pirate101 and wizard101 203 views
3. suggestions for the blog 153 views
4. New Domain! 75 views
5. Pirate101, guide to getting a good ship 72 views
6. 10 things to do after you beat pirate101 66 views
7. Short story: Jack visits Wizard City 64 views
8. Guide to max Buccaneer pvp in 2018 63 views
9. thoughts on book 15, pirate101 56 views
10. top ten things pirate101 and wizard101 could add 49 views
As you can see mostly pirate101 related!
2. Top ten countries that have viewed my blog!
1. Israel 6413 views
2 United States 3849
3 Russia 2986
4 Belarus 618
5 France 345
6 Ukraine 165
7 Germany 151
8 Spain 110
9 Portugal 104
10 UK 99
3. Operating system most used!
Windows with 11651 views!
4. Browser most used!
Firefox with 6217 views!
5. Most used URL!
172 views from looking up my blog on google!
6. Most used referring site!
Twitter with 282 views!
7. Start date and views that month had!
February 2016 was when I started and I had 143 views that month!

That's some celebratory fun facts about my blog! Thank you all again for supporting me throughout the years! Ill see you all in the spiral!


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