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Monday, September 10, 2018

10 things to do after you beat pirate101!

So basically a lot of people complain there is only pvp to do after you beat the game, well ill prove them wrong by telling you 10 things to do after you beat p101 besides pvp...

1. Farm for boss gear that you don't need just want. While it requires a membership and its obvious its something. Overall its one of the best things to do if you still have a membership for awhile.

2. Decorate your houses! There are not enough p101 decorators out there and I would like to see more to be honest. Its a fun thing to do, and it can pass the time by you fully decorating a house, giving it a back story plus you have something to spend your gold on!

3. Farm for scrip and get everything in the scrip shop. Ya it will take awhile but because of the dreadnought scrip is easier to get without a membership. This will take a long time but its time not wasted standing around.

4. Challenge yourself with fun and random challenges. For example try and fight some enemies with no weapon and no companion helping. Its harder than you think.

5. Get some badges you missed. For example maybe you didn't kill enough sharks to get the last badge, go ahead and finish as much badges as you can.

6. Make your perfect pet. This is hard, harder than getting every scrip item but its something fun and rewarding.

7. Interact with the community. If you want to make guides go ahead, if you just want to talk to your fellow pirates do so, just remember to be cautious when talking to people you don't know.

8. Find bugs. No not like flies, but look for bugs like broken quests or something and report it to someone who works at KI.

9. Go exploring! Look at some places you never bothered to look at, look at every nook and cranny of the game, who knows, you might find some cool things!

10. Help lower level pirates. Some pirates may be having trouble, so help them. but make sure just to support and not attack unless necessary so they can have fun. If they ask you to leave its okay, they might not like having a max help them but if not stick around!


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