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Monday, September 17, 2018

10 little known ways p101 beats w101!

So I'm not saying either one is superior, they both beat each other in some ways, however these are a few ways in which p101 comes out on top!

1 bazaar loading times. No not the loading into the bazaar, I'm talking about the time it takes for the game to load the gear. Granted wiz has more gear however this has been a problem for a very long time. While wiz takes a few annoying seconds of trying to click to the next page in dismay p101 loads for less than a second and is done. And here people say wiz is better than p101!

2. Story. Any p101 player knows the story is amazing, but its not arguable who is better and why. Its p101 of course! The reason? Unlike wizard101, pirate101 isn't the typical "You are the hero! Do everything for me!" For example penny dreadful has you do her homework. Meanwhile in Pirate101 your companions are your equals, you rely on them and they rely on you, for example when choosing to forfeit the first 5 years of our memory we didn't just go oh we are the hero better do it, our companions talked about the pros and cons and made that decision with us, something you don't see in most chosen one games.

3. Community. Okay I know wiz has the bigger community and a ton of wizards are super nice, however there is no wu realm equivalent in pirate101 and to be honest, the pirate101 fanbase seems to be a lot more loyal, sticking around all this time with little updates.

4. Pet training. Sure wiz does a good job, however pirate101 understands you are out saving the spiral so the pets can train themselves while your questing, farming, or even offline! I cant say I enjoy doing the same pet games over and over as well.

5. Storytelling. First a story and storytelling are different. Storytelling is how you tell the story not the story itself. But pirate101 beats wiz here as well because of all the twists and turns (as well as a few good cliffhangers and plot twists!). Also the villain made you want to hate him. Malistare you could relate and understand why he turned evil but a villain is supposed to be hated and Kane is one that will be hated!

6. Worlds. Pirate101 has fewer worlds than wiz yet they do such a good job with them its amazing. Look at wiz Marleybone vs Pirate101 Marleybone. If you ever played p101 you would agree p101 did it better!

7. Memorable visuals. What I mean is things you see that you can always remember, and wiz has a ton! However quantity doesn't mean quality. Pirate101 beats wiz here as well, the giant turtle, beachhead, the machine, the battle of Trafalgar, etc. All those while brief beat out most if not all of wiz memorable visuals.

8. Loading screens. Yes I know wiz has multiple now but p101 did it first, and better. Sure they can add some more since they are kind of stale now however its more impressive with the recourses p101 has compared to wiz

9. Music. Pirate101 has better music. End of story.

10. Decorations! P101 has more unique and attractive looking decorations than wiz, only good wiz deco I can think of is the cannons. While p101 has gold chickens, map tables, sparkgun racks, and more!

Now here's the only real arguments I see why p101 is better than wiz most often.
Graphics and PVP. That's pretty much it. Graphics used to be better and pvp while not as bad is still kind of bad. So next time you argue use my points!

Cya in the spiral!


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