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Sunday, September 30, 2018

a friends pirate

Spiral doors part 3!

So spiral technology, how far is the spiral as a whole on it? Well here is a surprise, its non existent! MB and Valencia both have technology but the spiral as a whole basically just relies on magic. But that's no fun as a post! So here is the most advanced technology the spiral has, and how it works! Teleportation!

When you are thinking of porting I don't mean to a friend I mean the world area porters. In particular MB. MB seems to have combined the porters with magic. Keep in mind while this is Victorian London in the spiral in modern times we don't even have teleporters! So what makes them work? are we becoming particles and moving or are we moving in time from when we were there to when we get there if we had walked? Well my answer is, while MB scientists don't think magic is real they use it! Look at Dr. Katenstien for example. He knows what magic is and uses it so he has surpassed modern MB technology by bringing the dead back to life. Or the Doctor using magic with science to time travel. My theory is MB scientist's were inspired by wizards teleporting (ancient porters) and tried to recreate it with science. They succeeded however not in the way you think. Old Porters seemed to turn on with magic however if that were true with MB they wouldn't produce them and put them everywhere, it seems they could be turned on by normal people as well. So the farthest the spiral has gotten is not just teleporters but the fact that non magic people can use magic infused technology. This far surpasses time travel and bringing the dead to life because everyone can use it, and that's the reason for technology. To help people and for it to be a unifier. One of my favorite quotes about this comes from a certain comic book franchise. It basically says magic and technology are the same, one is just modern days version. So that's what the most advanced technology is in the spiral! short post but a good lesson, technology isn't just for playing games or to make things easier, its to help people and unify people. Technology is for the good, not for making you more powerful!
See you in the spiral!


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spiral doors part 2! doors, ships and... blimps? oh my! a theory on spiral transportation!

So, we have three confirmed methods of travel through the spiral, 1 spiral doors, 2 ships and 3 blimps. So what is next? Well I would have to say planes, and not just any planes, commercial planes! You see, the only actual way public transportation exists in the spiral from world to world is ships, blimps still are used by mb for military exploration and possibly conquest but they aren't available to the public outside of MB city, even there its not to travel from island to island, its just to travel from place to place. Which makes you think, what comes next? Like I said planes, MB is the leader in spiral technology advancement rivaled only by Valencia which with the death of the armada elite, mainly Bishop, their advancements should be slowing down. True time in the spiral works differently but there is a shared technology, and that's ships. We already have advanced to steamboats via cool ranch and ships made out of metal via Valencia. Plus MB invaded cool ranch giving it its modern technology such as steamboats so its safe to say MB has or had steamboats. Plus with the MB/VA war MB would no doubt salvage VA ships and see how they work, ultimately understanding VA modern era ships. This advancement in technology would lead to advancements in multiple fields. One would be public transportation, since those closely relate to ships. No doubt they would try and cross blimps, with steam powered engines, as well as the science behind metal ships and what would you get? a plane! But since MB has planes (we see pictures of WWI style pilots which seem to be piloting a plane) the next step would be metal ones, with that success they could make ship sized planes, stick people and cargo on them and successfully go faster than a ship. So, would that make ships and spiral doors obsolete? Why no! ships would still be used for combat, spiral doors would be used by our wizards, and blimps would be used in MB city still since planes wouldn't be practical. But this leads to another theory, and here it is the final theory in a three part theory, How far is the collected spiral technology, or in other words how far is spiral technology as a whole. the answer may surprise you! See you in the spiral!


Friday, September 28, 2018

Spiral doors, a theory on the questions nobody has asked.

So remember the Azteca quest in SI? the one where you have to collect the crystal skull and defeat that dino in the pyramid? Well you are probably wondering how the people from Azteca got there. Well it was a spiral door. That random pillar thing in their camp was a spiral door. So that begs the question, why don't wizards visit SI if there is a door? Because remember you can use a door to get to any world as long as you have a key, but that's the problem, keys are hard to come by. But this begs another question, how did the Aztecasaurs build a spiral door if there wasn't one there? So I am going to answer those questions, how are keys made and where do spiral doors come from? Lets start with where spiral doors come from.

Spiral door were always there. My theory states that while Bartleby was connecting the broken spiral grandmother raven or Bartleby himself was making a way for its residents to travel to and from worlds. Because remember, there were intelligent lifeforms around during the war of the titans, we know this through some dialogue about how some MB scientists had a theory certain worlds were connected and through some pictures on some walls in Grizzleheim, which showed the fights between the titans. Plus there is the quest in the beginning to learn about the schools but since each one has a different story I cant trust those endings which means I cant trust the source. But what about they keys? Well lets say Grandmother raven made the doors, so Bartleby made the keys, or vice versa. They wouldn't make many since people could still travel through the skyways at the time so this explains why they are scarce. There is probably only a few keys per world and they were to be used for emergencies. I would like to point out our wizard has traveled the skyways, such as our diplomacy visit to GH or even the Krok boat which shows even worlds with spiral doors rely more on boat travel than the doors. Also I would like to point out Spiral door keys seem to be of great value, we can see this because only people like the Emperor of MS hold one, and not anyone else, even the emperors most trusted people such as the jade champion. So in conclusion, spiral doors have been around since the spiral came to be, and door keys are scarce and valuable, only to be made in emergency. We can also conclude keys were given to each world, but only for travel to one world, like Azteca to SI and Mooshu to DS.

This was a fun theory that gave me several ideas, look out for more on the topic of spiral doors and keys in the future, See ya in the spiral!


p101 group playthrough with edward lifegem and autumn dreamwalker!

So this has been going on for a few weeks now but I wanted to share it with those who didn't know! Me, Ed, and autumn along with multiple others like Chrissy the Blesser are all going on new pirates (I sometimes use my max sometimes not :P) and requesting through p101! Some codes were given away last stream (I was lucky enough to get a pack o porters :D) and who knows (I don't) more codes might be given out. right now we are on the Maria Celestia so if you want to join us just tell me and ill try and catch you up! I sincerely hope to see you all there so we can have fun!

  Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Another answer to a p101 unanswered question, who made el dorado?

So a big question is who made el dorado? Its architecture says the Aztecasaurs however they are to primitive to make those machines. My first thought was the Aquila gods due to hades being the god of riches (such as gold), them making the stormgates which are the only way to el dorado and the machines which could have been made by Hephaestus. However several things didn't add up, the architecture and the fact that we visit Olympus in w101 and it looks nothing like el dorado. That made me think, who else knows a lot about astrology, was an ancient race, and had the technology to do something like giant robots. Then it hit me, the people of celestia. If you look at several key points you can see what I mean. The people of celestia had the knowledge of the stars to be able to do something like make a artificial stormgate and make it move. They had the technology to make robots, and they seemed to be wealthy due to the fact we see a ton of jewels all around celestia. But that begs a question, why were Aztecan artifacts the key to getting to el dorado if it was made by celestia? That's simple to answer, remember how El dorado is like a ship because it can move around, and how the Kroks moved to Krokotopia on an island? My theory is the three ancient civilizations were somehow connected. The Azteca people provided the gold which is in abundance in Azteca, the Kroks provided security because fighting was their specialty and the celestials provided the technology. Here's my theory on what happened. 
 the timeline.
1. Azteca and Celestia formed an alliance because of the shadow forces and they hired the Kroks to help out in the fighting. 
2. They eventually all joined forces in making a safe place once they realized they were going to lose.
3. They used their combined resources to make El dorado.
4. They lived in harmony for awhile until the Kroks rose up and tried to take control of el dorado because they felt like they were looked down upon as only being soldiers and guards. 
5. They failed because the celestials and Aztecasaurs fought back. 
6. The Kroks were exiled and sent away on a island through the stormgate, which happened to be near Krokotopia.
7. The celestials and Aztecasaurs abandoned el dorado because it led to greed and nothing good, and the celestials built guards to keep people away.
8. Celestia fell to Morganthe and the secrets of el dorado In celestia with it.
9. Years latter Azteca forgets about el dorado due to its existence being hidden from its people. 
10. Pollo while studying the stars notices an anomaly and rediscovers el dorado,  bringing the knowledge of el dorado back to life.
11. Our pirates now race the armada to get to el dorado.

Here is some things I didn't add. 
1. Azteca colonized SI incase the prophecy came true, however all but one colony died out. No celestia remnants are there because they thought the could win.
2. Aztecasaurs built most of the structures, the Kroks guarded it and the celestials focused on its technology.
3. here are some pictures that might prove my theory in some ways.

We can see the architecture is a mixture of both ancient and what appears to be some sort of technology or carvings. The robots shared similarities with Azteca design and the technology of Celestia. In the first picture in the distance you can see a Krok like arena. Four pillars surrounding an arena type battle board. And you might notice Gazpaccio said city, however the only city's we know of are all in advanced civilizations in the spiral like MB. However if three ancient civilizations combined they would need a city to hold their combined people. Notice those weird pillars in the first picture, The first part which is barley visible is Krok like, the second part is celestia like due to the curves and the top is Azteca like, being that it focuses on shapes to show some sort of thing. This could show at first they were fully combined, however it could also show the ranks, there was a mutual understanding the Kroks were on the bottom of the totem pole but the Aztecasaurs thought they were superior since they built el dorado while the celestials thought they were superior due to their technology, or more likely equal since they didn't debate the design and just went with it. Finally my last point, all the civilizations in some way experienced a short bliss then ruin. The Kroks ruled a civilization finally (the manders) then we came and ruined it, the Aztecasaurs had peace, then their world was obliterated, and then the celestials thought they had a way to win the war, then they died. This shows the warning Marco Pollo left Ambrose, while it seems good at first it only leads to ruin. In other words don't go because its dangerous. So it seemed our pirate was racing Kane for something that wasn't worth it. Also it seems the closer you get the more you lose. That's all, thanks for sticking around and see you in the spiral!


Friday, September 21, 2018

A Pirate101 theory on an unanswered question, how did Wyatt Chirp die?

So you will know this if you played p101 and played through cool ranch, or rather not know since It never says why. So here's the rundown of why its confusing and what we know. 
Why its confusing: Wyatt Earp died in real life of old age, however while the game never says how Wyatt Chirp died it wasn't of old age.
What we know: There was an accident and supposedly Duck Holliday was to blame. That's the reason the 7 split up due to Billy the Kid arguing with Duck on if he killed him or not. Wyatt was intact and not burned up or died at skyway because they buried the body, Wyatt fought with his fists, and their hideout isn't a secret. So what does this all tell us? Not much to be honest. However knowing KI they like to go on history quite a bit, and in some cases go with history but not completely. So what was Wyatt Earp's toughest and most infamous fight? The fight at the O.K. Corral, where he fought a gang calling themselves the cowboys. In that fight the cowboys were defeated and Wyatt was the only one not hurt. Of course my theory says otherwise. Here is how Chirps death happened.

1. He and the seven went to fight the Wild Bunch at the Old Jailhouse, then just a regular jailhouse in a regular town.
2. Things didn't turn out like they did in history and Wyatt died, the rest of the seven heartbroken and shocked surrendered and left with Wyatt Chirp.
3. They buried him and Billy and Duck argued because Duck failed to take out the person who killed Wyatt. This resulted in the gang splitting up.
4. The wild bunch grow and take over tumbleweed.
5. Our pirate comes and you know the rest.

Here's why I think this happened, and all the evidence comes from the game.
The quest to end the fight with the gang, not only leads to the now Old Jailhouse, its titled payback, signifying that this is revenge on the people who killed Chirp, and what better way to western movie it than to make it where he died.
Some dialogue shows that the Broncos, leaders of the Wild bunch know and possibly had a hand in what happened, here it is, directly from p101 central.

Basically this shows Bronco taught Wyatt a lesson for getting in his way, the exact reason the showdown took place in real life. Then there is this line of dialogue 
This shows that the 7 have been there before, because they at least have a handle of the layout right when we go in, which is unusual. My theory basically says Wyatt died at the Old Jailhouse from one of the Bronco's and our pirate finished the story were it left off. So that's probably how Wyatt died, and how it went down. See you all in the spiral!


Monday, September 17, 2018

10 little known ways p101 beats w101!

So I'm not saying either one is superior, they both beat each other in some ways, however these are a few ways in which p101 comes out on top!

1 bazaar loading times. No not the loading into the bazaar, I'm talking about the time it takes for the game to load the gear. Granted wiz has more gear however this has been a problem for a very long time. While wiz takes a few annoying seconds of trying to click to the next page in dismay p101 loads for less than a second and is done. And here people say wiz is better than p101!

2. Story. Any p101 player knows the story is amazing, but its not arguable who is better and why. Its p101 of course! The reason? Unlike wizard101, pirate101 isn't the typical "You are the hero! Do everything for me!" For example penny dreadful has you do her homework. Meanwhile in Pirate101 your companions are your equals, you rely on them and they rely on you, for example when choosing to forfeit the first 5 years of our memory we didn't just go oh we are the hero better do it, our companions talked about the pros and cons and made that decision with us, something you don't see in most chosen one games.

3. Community. Okay I know wiz has the bigger community and a ton of wizards are super nice, however there is no wu realm equivalent in pirate101 and to be honest, the pirate101 fanbase seems to be a lot more loyal, sticking around all this time with little updates.

4. Pet training. Sure wiz does a good job, however pirate101 understands you are out saving the spiral so the pets can train themselves while your questing, farming, or even offline! I cant say I enjoy doing the same pet games over and over as well.

5. Storytelling. First a story and storytelling are different. Storytelling is how you tell the story not the story itself. But pirate101 beats wiz here as well because of all the twists and turns (as well as a few good cliffhangers and plot twists!). Also the villain made you want to hate him. Malistare you could relate and understand why he turned evil but a villain is supposed to be hated and Kane is one that will be hated!

6. Worlds. Pirate101 has fewer worlds than wiz yet they do such a good job with them its amazing. Look at wiz Marleybone vs Pirate101 Marleybone. If you ever played p101 you would agree p101 did it better!

7. Memorable visuals. What I mean is things you see that you can always remember, and wiz has a ton! However quantity doesn't mean quality. Pirate101 beats wiz here as well, the giant turtle, beachhead, the machine, the battle of Trafalgar, etc. All those while brief beat out most if not all of wiz memorable visuals.

8. Loading screens. Yes I know wiz has multiple now but p101 did it first, and better. Sure they can add some more since they are kind of stale now however its more impressive with the recourses p101 has compared to wiz

9. Music. Pirate101 has better music. End of story.

10. Decorations! P101 has more unique and attractive looking decorations than wiz, only good wiz deco I can think of is the cannons. While p101 has gold chickens, map tables, sparkgun racks, and more!

Now here's the only real arguments I see why p101 is better than wiz most often.
Graphics and PVP. That's pretty much it. Graphics used to be better and pvp while not as bad is still kind of bad. So next time you argue use my points!

Cya in the spiral!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Test realm skeleton key bosses, how soloable are they? plus my thoughts on the update.

So lets talk about something, the new skeleton key bosses are hard! But how hard are they? I answered that question by soloing them without doubloons or henchmen. All my companions died but I did solo every boss. So what gear/companions will you need and for who?

Gear: Bloods Robe, Kane class gear, Ashes of the armada pack weapon. I don't have Moo Manchus boots so those are optional. Also Kane's mask and the Empire bundle shoes are good as well.
Old Scratch: Any companions with a charge, mainly goro and ratbeard.
Duck of death: melee companions only, any one is fine as long as they have multiple hits.
Blood: Ranged companions are a must! Preferably Nausica, Bonnie, and another of your choosing.
Brass Monkey: any companions really. Just spam attack brass!

Scratch: kill scratch first then the bobby bones then Neville.
Duck: use the basin, then everyone attack duck.
Blood: if your melee use your ranged companions on blood while you fight the other mobs, if ranged focus on blood with companions.
Brass Monkey: just attack him.

As for the update. Here's what I think. After giving it some time, I was at first disappointed. It seemed as if this update was mainly a cash grab. However after playing through some of it I find that everything is really worth the cost. The elixirs could be better if it was on every character however I can see that being a problem coding and money wise. P101 needs money if we want updates, and while these things may seem expensive they are worth the cost now and in the long run. As for the key bosses they have my approval as well. While challenging they are a welcome feature that give buffs to some commonly used low level gear such as bloods jacket. While I don't think their drops will replace Kane and Moo I do think the badges give us a reason to buy a membership and farm. Other people have soloed every boss, so it shows that they are the right amount of challenge, tough enough to require people who haven't farmed their hearts out to get help and something to test yourself if you have farmed all the best gear. Overall I give this update a 9/10. Its a great update, however it focused a bit much on the cash grab, but that's understandable!
See you all in the spiral!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

16k views (nearly)! Some of my blog fun facts!

First off, thank you for the constant support! I wouldn't do this if it wasn't for the community. I don't see blogging as a chore or something I'm inclined to do, I see it as a way of giving back to the community which has helped me through some tough times. So in celebration of this success here are some fun facts about my blog!

1. My top ten most viewed posts!
1. War In the spiral, a pirate101 post. 461 views
2. A guide to pet snack farming in pirate101 and wizard101 203 views
3. suggestions for the blog 153 views
4. New Domain! 75 views
5. Pirate101, guide to getting a good ship 72 views
6. 10 things to do after you beat pirate101 66 views
7. Short story: Jack visits Wizard City 64 views
8. Guide to max Buccaneer pvp in 2018 63 views
9. thoughts on book 15, pirate101 56 views
10. top ten things pirate101 and wizard101 could add 49 views
As you can see mostly pirate101 related!
2. Top ten countries that have viewed my blog!
1. Israel 6413 views
2 United States 3849
3 Russia 2986
4 Belarus 618
5 France 345
6 Ukraine 165
7 Germany 151
8 Spain 110
9 Portugal 104
10 UK 99
3. Operating system most used!
Windows with 11651 views!
4. Browser most used!
Firefox with 6217 views!
5. Most used URL!
172 views from looking up my blog on google!
6. Most used referring site!
Twitter with 282 views!
7. Start date and views that month had!
February 2016 was when I started and I had 143 views that month!

That's some celebratory fun facts about my blog! Thank you all again for supporting me throughout the years! Ill see you all in the spiral!


Monday, September 10, 2018

10 things to do after you beat pirate101!

So basically a lot of people complain there is only pvp to do after you beat the game, well ill prove them wrong by telling you 10 things to do after you beat p101 besides pvp...

1. Farm for boss gear that you don't need just want. While it requires a membership and its obvious its something. Overall its one of the best things to do if you still have a membership for awhile.

2. Decorate your houses! There are not enough p101 decorators out there and I would like to see more to be honest. Its a fun thing to do, and it can pass the time by you fully decorating a house, giving it a back story plus you have something to spend your gold on!

3. Farm for scrip and get everything in the scrip shop. Ya it will take awhile but because of the dreadnought scrip is easier to get without a membership. This will take a long time but its time not wasted standing around.

4. Challenge yourself with fun and random challenges. For example try and fight some enemies with no weapon and no companion helping. Its harder than you think.

5. Get some badges you missed. For example maybe you didn't kill enough sharks to get the last badge, go ahead and finish as much badges as you can.

6. Make your perfect pet. This is hard, harder than getting every scrip item but its something fun and rewarding.

7. Interact with the community. If you want to make guides go ahead, if you just want to talk to your fellow pirates do so, just remember to be cautious when talking to people you don't know.

8. Find bugs. No not like flies, but look for bugs like broken quests or something and report it to someone who works at KI.

9. Go exploring! Look at some places you never bothered to look at, look at every nook and cranny of the game, who knows, you might find some cool things!

10. Help lower level pirates. Some pirates may be having trouble, so help them. but make sure just to support and not attack unless necessary so they can have fun. If they ask you to leave its okay, they might not like having a max help them but if not stick around!


Friday, September 7, 2018

some p101 fun facts from the boards!

1. One thing that interests me is the question of how long it would take to travel from say, skull island, to say, Aquila, but my point is, how long does it take to travel from one port to another?
It's not something we've ever really worried about - game time (what you the player are doing) is so compressed vs. Spiral time, that the most i'm ever inclined to say is that someplace might be "very far" away or something like that. Now, were i writing fiction or something, I'd say a journey from Skull Island to Flotsam would take maybe a day, but the Spiral Thread passage to Monquista is closer to a week. Does that help?
combat is non-lethal, even the melee combat (it may look rough, but there's no blood). We often make it clear that opponents give up, giving many of them sour grapes speeches after their defeat.  (
Is Bonnie Anne's name Bonnie Anne, Anne, Bonnie, Annie or something else the Bonnie would never tell us ? Or would that be telling
Once you've played V for Vulpine, you can infer the particulars, but to make them plain:

She was born Anne Fox, often called Annie Fox. By the time she was a young lady, she'd picked up the nickname of Bonny because she was very pretty, (and very Scottish - at least by Earth standards).

When Bonny Annie Fox had her falling out with Guy and the Radicals, she dropped her last name and switched the spelling of her first name, going by Bonnie Anne in her new career as a pirate.

those were some fun facts! check out the rest of Blind Mew's Mewsings at the captains log on

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What i'm doing in game design class!

So while this isn't a direct p101/w101 post it goes into how games are made! So if you don't know, I'm in college taking a game design class. So here's what I've learned so far.
1. Teams are essential to game design. While mostly made up of artists programmers and designers are important as well, however artists are what make the game playable and not just code.
2. Before you even make the full game you must make the rough draft for people to test as simple as possible. For example just include core mechanics, you don't need things like loot tables or anything just the necessity's.
3. You can make up the rules before you even make the game! So basically before you even start making the game and just have an idea you can flesh out the rules. It seems obvious but its something we often forget.
4. Racing games are the easiest to make and RPG are the hardest. Seems obvious and for obvious reasons but I never thought of it so its a fun fact.
5. This is the most important so I saved it for last. While its true you can make a game alone (like I usually do) being part of a team is the best way. Even though we are all anti social nerds we need to work together to make our dreams come true. We all start small and build up, and when one person slacks off the whole team faces the consequences. But basically while its true some people can do the work alone and be successful its better to do it as a team and not have to carry the burden yourself.

I've only been in one class since I signed up late and then labor day (classes happen every Monday) but I've learned already! I'm glad I'm taking this step forward towards advancing my career and maybe one day I will work at KI! I'll cya in the spiral!