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Sunday, August 5, 2018

xPirate101 SPOILERSx the queen and haywire armada.

So ya, Pirate101 Spoilers if you didn't read the title. But now that you have been warned, lets get started. as those who have finished the game know the queen "lives" so if she's alive and there is still a command in the armada ranks why have the armada gone rouge? to that I answer, she's not Kane. Think of it as one person. Kane built the armada therefore they are an extension of himself. The reason queen isn't going haywire is because according to Kane, she's "perfect" therefore she shouldn't be bound to Kane in a manor of haywire or not. And to be honest, I don't think they are haywire at all. Pirate101 is a more war type game, in the way war can be put into simple board game strategies. A common way war is looked at is like chess, like the final fight. Another thing they have in common is when you take out the leader in the middle of a war, chaos ensues. Its highly possible they aren't haywire, just confused with a lack of leadership, remember the queen isn't going to announce herself as alive just yet. she is likely in hiding, gathering her strength and figuring out a new way to defeat us. All in all, what i'm trying to say is
1 they are haywire/confused because Kane, the creator and leader is gone.
2 the queen isn't haywire because she is the perfected clockwork, in female form.
3 most likely they aren't broken just confused.
4 the queen will return however I don't think anyone knows she's alive just yet.

that's pretty much it,  thanks for viewing and see you in the spiral :D


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