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Sunday, August 12, 2018

What is happening to MMO's?

It seems these days a lot of computer MMO's (Massive Multiplayer Online) aren't doing to good (World of Warcraft being the exception lol) Please allow me to explain why in a few points.

1. Phone MMO's are becoming more popular due to the fact you can play them anywhere. A few examples of what I play are a coup;e Japanese type MMO's, Unison League and Toram Online.  Both are popular, not just because its anime, but because it offers the full MMO experience while only being on your phone.

2.  While some MMO's I play where players say the game is dead (SWTOR for example.) A dead game means it has no servers left, so its completely unplayable. An example of this is like club penguin which had its servers shut down. Another example is when my friend got on this pvp MMO on his phone he was the only one online in the world yet it still had servers so it was not technically dead.

3. This is natural for MMO's, when fanbase gets unhappy, they evolve. I doubt Wizard101 and even Pirate101 are going away however they may need too keep up with the times, like offer a little more to free to play players. (in terms of F2P pirate101 and wizard101 would be ranked pretty low among other MMO's sadly. Swtor for example offers 6 different classes with their own class story all choices matter all outcomes voiced and its all F2P, just the extra content is Subscriber stuff.)

4. My personal thoughts are that while MMO's aren't dying just evolving, some games will be caught in the fire of the new age vs old age and die out.

this is an abrupt ending I know but, cya in the spiral!


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