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Friday, August 3, 2018

The spiral: A post apocalpytic earth from another dimension.

Long ago, in a distant land, I, Old Cob, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But then, a foolish wizarding warrior wielding a magic wand stepped forth to oppose me, before the final blow was struck, I opened a portal in space and flung him into a parallel universe! Now the fool seeks to challenge me again and undo the future that is Old Cob!

Now then, that had no significance whatsoever. Now onto the theory!
It goes like this, I have no evidence other than similarities. However it does make sense. Now let us begin on explaining why the spiral is a post apocalyptic earth from another dimension :D
Reasons I believe this:
1: the similarities in events pertaining to earth and the spiral throughout history.
they say history repeats itself, while this is true we still learn from the past. however how does that work in alternate dimensions? Simple, some things change while history stays the same, like I don't know how Marleybone aka London is riddled with crime in her Victorian England age. Only difference is that the people changed to dogs and cats. There is so much real history in pirate101 and wizard101 but with animals. This would explain it being in another dimension. The animals don't repeat human history but are making it. That is pretty much that part. I never said this was a solid theory did I?

2: Geography and mapping. While the layout of the maps are not similar to the world, they share similarities with certain points in time with ours. MB a Victorian London, Valencia a renaissance Europe, and Cool ranch obviously being The wild west in the US just to name a few. I believe this was due to magic splitting the world at different times in its life successfully creating a sort of loose time loop, where time progresses but things don't change, this would explain why things don't die. While you defeat them, the time loop prevents them from true death.

3: Random Reason. Explanation for random reason. The point is that you should always question everything, including the questioning of the questioning. While this little theory isn't likely true its fun to think about, and that's what games are about, having fun. While I do enjoy making my little theories, its more fun to play the game and mess around with my friends. Now if you excuse me I have to play eye of the tiger while pretending I'm in a training montage. don't pretend like you haven't done it... and thanks for putting up with my randomness­čśť


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