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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Pirate101's new update, good or bad?

So it seems p101 is not getting a story update (I'm going by official KI announcements and no test realm or anything so excuse me if I am wrong.) So the question is, is this update a good one or bad one? Considering no update, mostly member/crown content and not really anything else. All signs point to it being a bad update and me being a pessimist would agree however the logic part of my brain is screaming "ITS GOOD!" Why you may ask? Because its an update p101 needs to show that yes, the game is not dying. A dead game is a game you are unable to play anymore, in a multiplayer case its a game with no more active servers. A dying game is a game that is slowly or rapidly shutting down its servers and has no updates. P101 in America still has all its servers, and it is getting an update which shows its alive and well. While the content is P2P(play to pay) so is most of the game, so that's to be expected. Another reason why this is good is maybe it will bring some players over from wiz, since they can have a more wiz like experience yet have the pirate life. Overall while its by no means the update we need its a good update. So the best thing we can do is support Pirate101 and show we care by giving this update a negative yet constructive response. Why? If we tell them something like "This update isn't what we want, we need a story update and not a update to keep us entertained for a little bit." Telling them this update isn't a good choice is a good idea since it tells them they need to focus more on the story updates and another update which gives us some side stuff isn't that welcome. Well that's all cya in the spiral!


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