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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Our wizard, the prodigy.

So how much of a prodigy is our wizard? Sure they were the first to graduate Ravenwood, beat countless enemies some on a god level, and have far surpassed the headmaster in magical prowess. But really does that mean we are a prodigy? I think not! Being a wizard is not about just spells, which is pretty much all we know, its also about knowledge, something our wizard lacks. They constantly rely on others for strategy and insight, and despite all the knowledge put before them, they don't use it. What they do learn they learn for others, which is not bad but the things they learn aren't important in every situation. Look at Dragonspyre for example, They not only learned spells but strategy that could be used in several situations. The main points of this argument that our wizard is nothing special is,
1 They just have spells, not knowledge (Ambrose is a good example of knowledge, a level we should have if we were a prodigy.)
2 Our wizards knowledge is situational, and what we do know that isn't situational isn't always helpful (some spells for example, firecat? nobody uses that!)
3 Our wizard is powerful I don't deny that, they aren't just a WIZARD prodigy, just a combat prodigy.

In conclusion we are a prodigy, our wizard is the best combatant of magic out there, yet not the prodigy we think. They are just a magical combat prodigy, learning lost spells and more magic spells than most, they are not however a wizard prodigy, a wizard not only learns spells but hoards knowledge. To be honest, morganthe was a better wizard than us due to the fact she wanted infinite knowledge. I don't think we belong in the Arcanum. Arcanum likely refrences arcana, secrets and mysteries. Something our wizard doesn't care for. I believe we belong In a fight club, but the problem is there is no fight club, even if there was we couldn't talk about fight club...


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