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Sunday, August 26, 2018

my thoughts on p101s first arc

Well an update is coming for p101 (probably Polaris which means the first arc is officially over.) so I thought I would give my thoughts on Pirate101's first arc!
1: well written, a lot of good jokes and an engaging storyline
2: Good setup for more arcs, plenty of room for theories and an excellent set up for a new main villain.
3: The ending was good, the end cinematic was creepy yet gives us some insight. The final battle was amazing
4: Plenty of time could be put in. Its no Skyrim in terms of things to do however it did a good job of having stuff to do.
5: Had the feel it was going for. It was going for a family friendly pirate game with a first arc to set up your adventure and it worked well.
1: This is really the only con but the wait was way to long. took several years to finish this arc so that's a pretty bad con.

Overall this arc was excellent. It was very well done yet took a long time to finish. I can't wait to play the new arc and hope to see all of you there as well!


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