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Thursday, August 30, 2018

KI Live. What did I think p101 wise?

So KI live happened today for about 3 hours (8/30/18) and some stuff on p101 was touched upon. So what did I think of it? Well I am very excited. The skeleton key boss looks fun (and since I bought scrimshaw I can go to it) but the real news was there is more to come! What I think (or hope) is that its a world update with some additional content. Since there wasn't a lot to say about p101 on the livestream neither do I. But let me give you a rundown of what I think will happen.

1 this update will go live, and it will be a success.
2 we wait for a few months
3 A new world as well as some side stuff will go live, likely around p101s birthday or late December.
4 slowly more updates will start to come.
5 in a few years pirat101 will get constant updates like wiz.

But overall this is being a very positive about the outlook. The fact we will have 2 updates this year close together says something good. It says KI still cares about p101. This was a short post but I didn't have much to go on so sorry. I hope to see you all at the skeleton key dungeon when test goes live (I bought scrimshaw awhile ago)!
See you in the spiral!

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