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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jack and Armadatraz, The lost Episode!

Last time, on the soap opera, brad was about to ask Jessica to do something!

"Jessica, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"
"Oh Brad, I don't know what to say. Ummmmmm, I ~~~"

"Oh hey, welcome back, its me Jack."
"Yes Bonnie?"
"Why did you turn that off? We were about to find out if Jessica would marry Brad!"
"Its so romantic, its the perfect life!"
"Okayyyyy… So anyways back to our story!"

We last left off with no story to tell, but now we have plenty to tell...

"Okay, so its my story time, I explained how I escaped from Armadatraz, but after that what happened? Well ill tell you! I blew up ships!"
"And you made fun of me for to much explosions..."
"Quiet Ratbeard. Now, lets talk about how I singlehandedly saved the spiral."
"Did you know my father is zeus? also I hate this story, back to the soap opera!"
"Never! We must keep readers in suspense and make them think the soap opera storyline will get resolved while I get a chance to ramble on and on!"
"Captain my captain, I am sorry but... Soap opera it is..."

"Brad... I will marry you."
"This is the happiest day in my life Jessica!"
"Mine too Brad, lets get married now."
Later that day.
"Do you Jessica take brad to be your husband?"
"I do."
"Do you Brad, take Jessica to be your wife?"
"I do."
"If there are no objections I now pronounce you~"
"I object! For you see, Jessica is already married to me! And who am I? I am~"

"Geeze I hated that."
"Yes Bonnie?"
"I...Will...Destroy you...."
"And its back on."

"And thus the story ends, Jessica can never with the one she loves, for she was already married, to well, you know..."
Credits roll
"Dear viewer we are hereby getting rid of the entire series. For those who don't know who Jessica was married to it was~"

"Well, good time to get a power outage..."
"Yah Bonnie?"
"Tell your story, I'm done...with everything."
"Alright we are at the most climatic part, so I went back in time and went to wizard city, I then saw Malistare and~"

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