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Saturday, August 4, 2018

classes compared to other videogames :D

So  basically i'm going to take bits from other video games and compare them to 101 classes.

Myth: Slippy toad. "Minion, Help Me!"
Life: That one guy on the raid you don't want to make mad.
Fire: Ryu. HADOUKEN!!!
Ice: Sub Zero from mortal combat.
Storm: Captain Falcon. FALCON PUNCH!!! (so much damage...)
Balance: The pokemon pyramid. Fire beats grass, grass beats water and water beats fire, except balance has them all...

Swashbucklers: Solid snake/ Dracula from castlevania "What is a swashbuckler?! A miserable pile of hides!
Buccaneers: Moblins from loz. they are big they are bulky, and they do a ton of damage.
Privateers: Luigi, he's good, its just he has support character syndrome.
Musketeers: Bomberman. oh you know why...
Witchdoctors: Aku Aku from crash bandicoot. ooga booga!

that's all folks! just a fun little post, hope you enjoyed!


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