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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A look at a fellow pirate theory...

All credit for the original theory goes to Alex The Pirate on the p101 message boards, see the original post here! Duck of Death used shadow magic

So now that you've read the post ill give you my thoughts on it.
1 its a solid theory with just a few flaws.
             a:  Shadow magic is an advance magic which requires a good understanding of magic. You can tell since its a forbidden magic and as with all forbidden magic its difficult to obtain, master and use. Alex says the shadow magic he used makes him invincible but that would put him above the level of magic expertise shadow malistare had, which is unlikely for a non magic user.
             b:  The spider before time is most likely old cob. however lets look at old cob. He plays it smart and wise, I don't think he would teach such powerful magic to get a kick out of It or cause random mayhem. And timeline wise, it doesn't really make sense since we freed him, we started our adventure in cool ranch and after that came mooshu (which our wiz was at the time as well)
             c: Silver bullets, if those worked how come only our pirates who aren't familiar with magic at all know and not people like the headmaster? It just doesn't make sense.

While its a good theory, it just doesn't add up. If the key points were revised a bit it could work, however its still unlikely. I'm not trying to put down others theories not at all, I enjoy seeing others theorize about the game and want to see more. I believe this is a good worthwhile theory to look at either way and deserves attention. see you in the spiral!


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  1. I don't play Wizard101, but I think these are great theories. Awesome job on stating the flaws but also acknowledging the post!