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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A little bit about me!

This is really just a fun post so you can get to know me better! First off, I mainly play  MMO's. I like to play: Pirate101, Wizard101, SWTOR and Unison League.
You know my wizard and pirate (Jack Nightingale and Jack Skullbreeze) but did you know whenever I can I name my character Jack Nightingale? These are my characters.

I enjoy reading, writing stories, and playing video games. I want to go into game design to make the games I love better for me and everyone else! I've been a wizard for a long time (my first account got hacked though) and a pirate almost as long. I've been playing swtor since year 2 and Uni for a few years now. I also like making jokes! Also, I may not sound it but I am actually very smart! Well that's about it, I hope to see you all in the spiral!


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