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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

10 things we take for granted.

Here are 10 things from both games we take for granted.

10. Mark and recall. Ever played a huge game without mark and recall, like most legend of Zelda games? Then you know the pain...

9. The detail and work put into the game. So much work was put into these games yet we never think about it. For example, for one small game on a phone the code is projected all over the walls since its to big!

8. Saving. Not just automatic saves but saving in general. Did you know the first legend of Zelda introduced the first save points because the game was to big to do in one sitting? Imagine doing these games in one sitting...

7. The fansites. No not me, I don't contribute anything but randomness,  I'm talking about those sites that do a ton of guides. We often look at them and do nothing else, since that's kind of what we expect. But a ton of work goes in them and a small thank you comment could go a long way.

6.The community. The community is a very helpful place. While some people may be jerks, others help whenever we can, and we don't thank them enough to be honest.

5.KI. They restore deleted items, they interact with the community, they give free crowns out, they do so much more! (they also made the games.)

4.The story and music. I know, your asking what? that's not something you can take advantage of! But wait, think about it, not all games have a great story and great music like W101 and P101. I play games for those two reasons, and I have to say these games are up there with Skyrim in my book!

3.Pets. Not real I know. However I can't count how many times my healing pet in wiz has saved me or how much my talent grant pets in pirate have helped me. We often say good boy/girl but do we ever really think about how much they really help?

2. The ways to get free crowns. There are so many, and they didn't even have to add them, it was just kind.

1. Our experiences. I know its cheesy but seriously, these games have done so much for me, and maybe even you and I often feel bad that I haven't done enough in return, I've made good friends, I've learned to be more social, I've gotten through rough times because of these games. Ill see you all in the spiral, but ill be inactive for a few days because I'm going to a funeral. 


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