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Thursday, August 30, 2018

KI Live. What did I think p101 wise?

So KI live happened today for about 3 hours (8/30/18) and some stuff on p101 was touched upon. So what did I think of it? Well I am very excited. The skeleton key boss looks fun (and since I bought scrimshaw I can go to it) but the real news was there is more to come! What I think (or hope) is that its a world update with some additional content. Since there wasn't a lot to say about p101 on the livestream neither do I. But let me give you a rundown of what I think will happen.

1 this update will go live, and it will be a success.
2 we wait for a few months
3 A new world as well as some side stuff will go live, likely around p101s birthday or late December.
4 slowly more updates will start to come.
5 in a few years pirat101 will get constant updates like wiz.

But overall this is being a very positive about the outlook. The fact we will have 2 updates this year close together says something good. It says KI still cares about p101. This was a short post but I didn't have much to go on so sorry. I hope to see you all at the skeleton key dungeon when test goes live (I bought scrimshaw awhile ago)!
See you in the spiral!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Pirate101's new update, good or bad?

So it seems p101 is not getting a story update (I'm going by official KI announcements and no test realm or anything so excuse me if I am wrong.) So the question is, is this update a good one or bad one? Considering no update, mostly member/crown content and not really anything else. All signs point to it being a bad update and me being a pessimist would agree however the logic part of my brain is screaming "ITS GOOD!" Why you may ask? Because its an update p101 needs to show that yes, the game is not dying. A dead game is a game you are unable to play anymore, in a multiplayer case its a game with no more active servers. A dying game is a game that is slowly or rapidly shutting down its servers and has no updates. P101 in America still has all its servers, and it is getting an update which shows its alive and well. While the content is P2P(play to pay) so is most of the game, so that's to be expected. Another reason why this is good is maybe it will bring some players over from wiz, since they can have a more wiz like experience yet have the pirate life. Overall while its by no means the update we need its a good update. So the best thing we can do is support Pirate101 and show we care by giving this update a negative yet constructive response. Why? If we tell them something like "This update isn't what we want, we need a story update and not a update to keep us entertained for a little bit." Telling them this update isn't a good choice is a good idea since it tells them they need to focus more on the story updates and another update which gives us some side stuff isn't that welcome. Well that's all cya in the spiral!


Sunday, August 26, 2018

my thoughts on p101s first arc

Well an update is coming for p101 (probably Polaris which means the first arc is officially over.) so I thought I would give my thoughts on Pirate101's first arc!
1: well written, a lot of good jokes and an engaging storyline
2: Good setup for more arcs, plenty of room for theories and an excellent set up for a new main villain.
3: The ending was good, the end cinematic was creepy yet gives us some insight. The final battle was amazing
4: Plenty of time could be put in. Its no Skyrim in terms of things to do however it did a good job of having stuff to do.
5: Had the feel it was going for. It was going for a family friendly pirate game with a first arc to set up your adventure and it worked well.
1: This is really the only con but the wait was way to long. took several years to finish this arc so that's a pretty bad con.

Overall this arc was excellent. It was very well done yet took a long time to finish. I can't wait to play the new arc and hope to see all of you there as well!


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ways to contact me!

So, here are a few ways to contact me.
twitter: @jackn1ght1ngale
Comment on the blog
pirate101 central: sparticus32

About me

Hi, I play wizard101 and pirate101 (as well as a few other mmos) I usually go by Jack but my pirate101 name is Jack Nightingale and my wizard name is Jack Skullbreeze. I play buccaneer on pirate101 and pyromancer on wizard101. My favorite pastimes are playing video games and reading. I'm currently in college and working to become a game designer to make the games I love better for me and everyone else. I want to work at either KI or Bioware. As for what I usually watch, I usually watch anime (the action kind). I started pirate101 on January 22 2013, and wizard101 awhile earlier. You can usually find me farming lore or farming armada ships for scrip. I am known in some communities in p101 such as the message boards and central (sparticus32) and my friends from there know me as the crazy golden chicken guy. In p101 I collect golden chickens, currently over 300 and I love to decorate. I love this community and hope to be official soon!

cya in the spiral!


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A wiz theory, pirates can visit us in the arcanum

So you know that black hole looking thing outside the Arcanum? Its basically a ticket for pirates to get there.
this looks strangely like a stormgate from pirate101 however I think its a wormhole (a variation of a black hole which transfers you from one side of the universe to another. You might be familiar with the example of a folded paper and the wormhole goes in between the space in the fold.) It being a wormhole this begs the question, where does it end up? while we don't see any examples of wormholes anywhere else my best guess would be Azteca, due to the similar looking hole in the sky where the asteroid is. But if this isn't a stormgate how can pirates get to the Arcanum you may ask, its rather simple. The wormhole is a landmark. Remember how celestia was discovered? The dogs of MB ventured off course in a stormgate and discovered it. Now if our pirate were to do that, and were to find this distinctive wormhole, they could visit the Arcanum, from one end or finding the other. You may ask isn't that a black hole though? I answer no. black holes aren't really holes per say, they are more like spheres, not holes. Wormholes on the other hand are more hole shaped in theory (we have never found one as far as I know but it is possible they exist.). 
This is what a Black hole could look like
Notice the sphere shape which is absent from the one in the Arcanum, and the column of energy at its center, a distinct part of black holes and absent from the Arcanum "black hole"

But basically the thing outside the Arcanum is not dangerous and is not going to destroy anything. It is however a way to travel to and from the Arcanum via ship in theory.

I hope to see you in the spiral!


Monday, August 20, 2018

Off to college!

I know I'm starting late but ehhhhhh… Just a warning I wont be posting as often, however I will still be posting. I have a few ideas and will get back to you all soon! Just a roadmap for the year

up until spring ill be doing some basic courses to get some required classes out of the way
also until spring I start game design classes!

 But until then I cannot post as often as to focus on my college work. I stretched this out as far as I could soooo, cya in the spiral! (and maybe on campus If you live in Missouri)


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A guide to reporting for non-members.

Hi everyone! As some of you may know I'm not a member at the moment, but that doesn't stop me from playing! Here's a guide for my fellow, non-member players.

How to report while not being a member.

1. take a screenshot of the incident. If it's swearing or something else take a screen shot.
2. Record the exact time of the incident.
3. Record the date. even if you report it that day you have to include it.
4 submit the time, screenshot, and date in an e-mail to explaining the incident in detail.

That's all you have to do! Doing this makes these games a better place to be in and I encourage you all to report when necessary. And remember only report when you are sure it breaks the rules because you could get in trouble if you do a false report!


Jack and Armadatraz, The lost Episode!

Last time, on the soap opera, brad was about to ask Jessica to do something!

"Jessica, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"
"Oh Brad, I don't know what to say. Ummmmmm, I ~~~"

"Oh hey, welcome back, its me Jack."
"Yes Bonnie?"
"Why did you turn that off? We were about to find out if Jessica would marry Brad!"
"Its so romantic, its the perfect life!"
"Okayyyyy… So anyways back to our story!"

We last left off with no story to tell, but now we have plenty to tell...

"Okay, so its my story time, I explained how I escaped from Armadatraz, but after that what happened? Well ill tell you! I blew up ships!"
"And you made fun of me for to much explosions..."
"Quiet Ratbeard. Now, lets talk about how I singlehandedly saved the spiral."
"Did you know my father is zeus? also I hate this story, back to the soap opera!"
"Never! We must keep readers in suspense and make them think the soap opera storyline will get resolved while I get a chance to ramble on and on!"
"Captain my captain, I am sorry but... Soap opera it is..."

"Brad... I will marry you."
"This is the happiest day in my life Jessica!"
"Mine too Brad, lets get married now."
Later that day.
"Do you Jessica take brad to be your husband?"
"I do."
"Do you Brad, take Jessica to be your wife?"
"I do."
"If there are no objections I now pronounce you~"
"I object! For you see, Jessica is already married to me! And who am I? I am~"

"Geeze I hated that."
"Yes Bonnie?"
"I...Will...Destroy you...."
"And its back on."

"And thus the story ends, Jessica can never with the one she loves, for she was already married, to well, you know..."
Credits roll
"Dear viewer we are hereby getting rid of the entire series. For those who don't know who Jessica was married to it was~"

"Well, good time to get a power outage..."
"Yah Bonnie?"
"Tell your story, I'm done...with everything."
"Alright we are at the most climatic part, so I went back in time and went to wizard city, I then saw Malistare and~"

A little bit about me!

This is really just a fun post so you can get to know me better! First off, I mainly play  MMO's. I like to play: Pirate101, Wizard101, SWTOR and Unison League.
You know my wizard and pirate (Jack Nightingale and Jack Skullbreeze) but did you know whenever I can I name my character Jack Nightingale? These are my characters.

I enjoy reading, writing stories, and playing video games. I want to go into game design to make the games I love better for me and everyone else! I've been a wizard for a long time (my first account got hacked though) and a pirate almost as long. I've been playing swtor since year 2 and Uni for a few years now. I also like making jokes! Also, I may not sound it but I am actually very smart! Well that's about it, I hope to see you all in the spiral!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

What is happening to MMO's?

It seems these days a lot of computer MMO's (Massive Multiplayer Online) aren't doing to good (World of Warcraft being the exception lol) Please allow me to explain why in a few points.

1. Phone MMO's are becoming more popular due to the fact you can play them anywhere. A few examples of what I play are a coup;e Japanese type MMO's, Unison League and Toram Online.  Both are popular, not just because its anime, but because it offers the full MMO experience while only being on your phone.

2.  While some MMO's I play where players say the game is dead (SWTOR for example.) A dead game means it has no servers left, so its completely unplayable. An example of this is like club penguin which had its servers shut down. Another example is when my friend got on this pvp MMO on his phone he was the only one online in the world yet it still had servers so it was not technically dead.

3. This is natural for MMO's, when fanbase gets unhappy, they evolve. I doubt Wizard101 and even Pirate101 are going away however they may need too keep up with the times, like offer a little more to free to play players. (in terms of F2P pirate101 and wizard101 would be ranked pretty low among other MMO's sadly. Swtor for example offers 6 different classes with their own class story all choices matter all outcomes voiced and its all F2P, just the extra content is Subscriber stuff.)

4. My personal thoughts are that while MMO's aren't dying just evolving, some games will be caught in the fire of the new age vs old age and die out.

this is an abrupt ending I know but, cya in the spiral!


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Our wizard, the prodigy.

So how much of a prodigy is our wizard? Sure they were the first to graduate Ravenwood, beat countless enemies some on a god level, and have far surpassed the headmaster in magical prowess. But really does that mean we are a prodigy? I think not! Being a wizard is not about just spells, which is pretty much all we know, its also about knowledge, something our wizard lacks. They constantly rely on others for strategy and insight, and despite all the knowledge put before them, they don't use it. What they do learn they learn for others, which is not bad but the things they learn aren't important in every situation. Look at Dragonspyre for example, They not only learned spells but strategy that could be used in several situations. The main points of this argument that our wizard is nothing special is,
1 They just have spells, not knowledge (Ambrose is a good example of knowledge, a level we should have if we were a prodigy.)
2 Our wizards knowledge is situational, and what we do know that isn't situational isn't always helpful (some spells for example, firecat? nobody uses that!)
3 Our wizard is powerful I don't deny that, they aren't just a WIZARD prodigy, just a combat prodigy.

In conclusion we are a prodigy, our wizard is the best combatant of magic out there, yet not the prodigy we think. They are just a magical combat prodigy, learning lost spells and more magic spells than most, they are not however a wizard prodigy, a wizard not only learns spells but hoards knowledge. To be honest, morganthe was a better wizard than us due to the fact she wanted infinite knowledge. I don't think we belong in the Arcanum. Arcanum likely refrences arcana, secrets and mysteries. Something our wizard doesn't care for. I believe we belong In a fight club, but the problem is there is no fight club, even if there was we couldn't talk about fight club...


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My "art" I laughed, I cried, I died a little inside...

ehhhhh, its alright but still, eh.

10 things we take for granted.

Here are 10 things from both games we take for granted.

10. Mark and recall. Ever played a huge game without mark and recall, like most legend of Zelda games? Then you know the pain...

9. The detail and work put into the game. So much work was put into these games yet we never think about it. For example, for one small game on a phone the code is projected all over the walls since its to big!

8. Saving. Not just automatic saves but saving in general. Did you know the first legend of Zelda introduced the first save points because the game was to big to do in one sitting? Imagine doing these games in one sitting...

7. The fansites. No not me, I don't contribute anything but randomness,  I'm talking about those sites that do a ton of guides. We often look at them and do nothing else, since that's kind of what we expect. But a ton of work goes in them and a small thank you comment could go a long way.

6.The community. The community is a very helpful place. While some people may be jerks, others help whenever we can, and we don't thank them enough to be honest.

5.KI. They restore deleted items, they interact with the community, they give free crowns out, they do so much more! (they also made the games.)

4.The story and music. I know, your asking what? that's not something you can take advantage of! But wait, think about it, not all games have a great story and great music like W101 and P101. I play games for those two reasons, and I have to say these games are up there with Skyrim in my book!

3.Pets. Not real I know. However I can't count how many times my healing pet in wiz has saved me or how much my talent grant pets in pirate have helped me. We often say good boy/girl but do we ever really think about how much they really help?

2. The ways to get free crowns. There are so many, and they didn't even have to add them, it was just kind.

1. Our experiences. I know its cheesy but seriously, these games have done so much for me, and maybe even you and I often feel bad that I haven't done enough in return, I've made good friends, I've learned to be more social, I've gotten through rough times because of these games. Ill see you all in the spiral, but ill be inactive for a few days because I'm going to a funeral. 


A look at a fellow pirate theory...

All credit for the original theory goes to Alex The Pirate on the p101 message boards, see the original post here! Duck of Death used shadow magic

So now that you've read the post ill give you my thoughts on it.
1 its a solid theory with just a few flaws.
             a:  Shadow magic is an advance magic which requires a good understanding of magic. You can tell since its a forbidden magic and as with all forbidden magic its difficult to obtain, master and use. Alex says the shadow magic he used makes him invincible but that would put him above the level of magic expertise shadow malistare had, which is unlikely for a non magic user.
             b:  The spider before time is most likely old cob. however lets look at old cob. He plays it smart and wise, I don't think he would teach such powerful magic to get a kick out of It or cause random mayhem. And timeline wise, it doesn't really make sense since we freed him, we started our adventure in cool ranch and after that came mooshu (which our wiz was at the time as well)
             c: Silver bullets, if those worked how come only our pirates who aren't familiar with magic at all know and not people like the headmaster? It just doesn't make sense.

While its a good theory, it just doesn't add up. If the key points were revised a bit it could work, however its still unlikely. I'm not trying to put down others theories not at all, I enjoy seeing others theorize about the game and want to see more. I believe this is a good worthwhile theory to look at either way and deserves attention. see you in the spiral!


Monday, August 6, 2018

How to make alucard (helsing) in pirate101

I love anime, especially ones that keep me on the edge of my seat, like helsing. so when I found these glasses I knew I could make alucard. this is how and I look forward to seeing people dress up as him!

available in scrip shop, cheap yet cool looking, look for the equipment tentacle.

dropped from bishop (mb in the last dungeon of beachhead or kane)

any coat that looks like this works, just make sure its red. bazaar

Black boots, as long as they are pitch black it works. bazaar

A black and silver pistol, vital. available at bazaar

The look and comparison

A little off, but close.
See you in the spiral

the pirate and wiz community

First I want to say thank you to all of you. Without you I dont think I would post or play the game. Both p101 and w101 have great people, while some are not so great in my opinion most are. like for example my buck pvp post. while the feedback wasnt positive, people didnt say anything mean really, they gave me their honest opinion and some suggestions (thank you for the constructive criticism). To be honest one person was kind of rude but even so I would have approved his comment if they provided ways to help.(lesson there is I accept blunt criticism, just tell me a way to improve if you do critique me) But what i'm trying to say is thanks to all of you, i'm going to sort out some irl stuff, than make this an official p101 blog. The steps are.
1 secure myself in life, i need money to go to college so i need to work more.
2 get a domain. last one expired but ill get another!
3 submit the site to p101. hopefully then it will be accepted
Oncs again thank you all, and cya in the spiral!!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

xPirate101 SPOILERSx the queen and haywire armada.

So ya, Pirate101 Spoilers if you didn't read the title. But now that you have been warned, lets get started. as those who have finished the game know the queen "lives" so if she's alive and there is still a command in the armada ranks why have the armada gone rouge? to that I answer, she's not Kane. Think of it as one person. Kane built the armada therefore they are an extension of himself. The reason queen isn't going haywire is because according to Kane, she's "perfect" therefore she shouldn't be bound to Kane in a manor of haywire or not. And to be honest, I don't think they are haywire at all. Pirate101 is a more war type game, in the way war can be put into simple board game strategies. A common way war is looked at is like chess, like the final fight. Another thing they have in common is when you take out the leader in the middle of a war, chaos ensues. Its highly possible they aren't haywire, just confused with a lack of leadership, remember the queen isn't going to announce herself as alive just yet. she is likely in hiding, gathering her strength and figuring out a new way to defeat us. All in all, what i'm trying to say is
1 they are haywire/confused because Kane, the creator and leader is gone.
2 the queen isn't haywire because she is the perfected clockwork, in female form.
3 most likely they aren't broken just confused.
4 the queen will return however I don't think anyone knows she's alive just yet.

that's pretty much it,  thanks for viewing and see you in the spiral :D


Saturday, August 4, 2018

classes compared to other videogames :D

So  basically i'm going to take bits from other video games and compare them to 101 classes.

Myth: Slippy toad. "Minion, Help Me!"
Life: That one guy on the raid you don't want to make mad.
Fire: Ryu. HADOUKEN!!!
Ice: Sub Zero from mortal combat.
Storm: Captain Falcon. FALCON PUNCH!!! (so much damage...)
Balance: The pokemon pyramid. Fire beats grass, grass beats water and water beats fire, except balance has them all...

Swashbucklers: Solid snake/ Dracula from castlevania "What is a swashbuckler?! A miserable pile of hides!
Buccaneers: Moblins from loz. they are big they are bulky, and they do a ton of damage.
Privateers: Luigi, he's good, its just he has support character syndrome.
Musketeers: Bomberman. oh you know why...
Witchdoctors: Aku Aku from crash bandicoot. ooga booga!

that's all folks! just a fun little post, hope you enjoyed!


Friday, August 3, 2018

The spiral: A post apocalpytic earth from another dimension.

Long ago, in a distant land, I, Old Cob, the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But then, a foolish wizarding warrior wielding a magic wand stepped forth to oppose me, before the final blow was struck, I opened a portal in space and flung him into a parallel universe! Now the fool seeks to challenge me again and undo the future that is Old Cob!

Now then, that had no significance whatsoever. Now onto the theory!
It goes like this, I have no evidence other than similarities. However it does make sense. Now let us begin on explaining why the spiral is a post apocalyptic earth from another dimension :D
Reasons I believe this:
1: the similarities in events pertaining to earth and the spiral throughout history.
they say history repeats itself, while this is true we still learn from the past. however how does that work in alternate dimensions? Simple, some things change while history stays the same, like I don't know how Marleybone aka London is riddled with crime in her Victorian England age. Only difference is that the people changed to dogs and cats. There is so much real history in pirate101 and wizard101 but with animals. This would explain it being in another dimension. The animals don't repeat human history but are making it. That is pretty much that part. I never said this was a solid theory did I?

2: Geography and mapping. While the layout of the maps are not similar to the world, they share similarities with certain points in time with ours. MB a Victorian London, Valencia a renaissance Europe, and Cool ranch obviously being The wild west in the US just to name a few. I believe this was due to magic splitting the world at different times in its life successfully creating a sort of loose time loop, where time progresses but things don't change, this would explain why things don't die. While you defeat them, the time loop prevents them from true death.

3: Random Reason. Explanation for random reason. The point is that you should always question everything, including the questioning of the questioning. While this little theory isn't likely true its fun to think about, and that's what games are about, having fun. While I do enjoy making my little theories, its more fun to play the game and mess around with my friends. Now if you excuse me I have to play eye of the tiger while pretending I'm in a training montage. don't pretend like you haven't done it... and thanks for putting up with my randomness­čśť