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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

what I want to see from pirate101 in the next update

This is basically what I want in the next p101 update. in order btw.

1 A new world. surprise, bet you didn't see this one coming :P basically ill take any world, but I bet its Polaris because like I keep saying napoleguin owes us a favor and as we all know, favors in the spiral are pretty valuable...

2 Some sort of player house viewing thing. basically like the wiz player house showcase. what can I say, the gold chickens must be seen!

3 bug fixes, not as important but still, like the void while hatching or rookes drop rates (not a bug but still, they are low.)

4 crafting. I don't craft much, even in other games, however I would like to see crafting in p101 simply because we might get new items. I wouldn't like them to take away items and make them craft able just new cool items.

5 fishing, again I don't fish in wiz, however I do want to see what sort of new fish p101 would have. like maybe a caarrrrrrrp

6 new houses. we need some new ones, its been quite awhile in my opinion. just any old house.

7 new packs. don't get rid of the old ones just maybe something new, or update the ones that are out of date.

8 gear upgrades. looking at you cutthroat bundle...

9 anything really, us pirate101 players will take  ANYTHING!

tell me what you would add, or anything you think I missed. Just comment below!



  1. Honestly the one thing I want most of all is for them to actually focus on the game and being constant with consistancy. I hate these monthly/yearly waits for minor updates that dont make the game better in the grand scheme like the reskins of mounts and the constant reminder to still but whilst the game is suffering. I want pirate101 to be revived because it's my favorite game. -Modest Dylan Stevenson(lvl70swashbuckler) -Sam Vaughn(lvl70privateer)

  2. I whole heartedly agree, I love this game and want to meet up to wiz and even surpass it one day. The thing is, I'm looking from a developer standpoint, first you would need to draw some people back in then do big updates, however considering the time between updates its reasonable that we get multiple worlds. A great game focuses on the community and the game, p101 has one of those down but needs to focus more on the game. The thing I see a ton of is people wanting wizard101 things but honestly, that wont make the game better. Pirate101 is unique and needs to stay that way, some things can be taken from wiz but not a ton. Just overall I agree, more content that matters less that doesn't, thank you for the comment and see you in the spiral!