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Thursday, July 26, 2018

an explanation on the timeline

Hi everyone I'm back! So a big question in the spiral is, are our wizard and pirate on the same timeline, being that they were both in mooshu at the same time for example yet there were references to dragonspyre. The answer is yes....and no. You see it can all be explained with SCIENCE! look at it this way, our wizard and pirate were both in mooshu at the same time, at least for a little bit. You see, due to the fact that kingsisle stated that our boat trips on our pirate take weeks if not months, and adding the size of mooshu skyways, amount of travel, side quests its safe to assume that my pirate Jack Nightingale would still be in mooshu after my wizard Jack Skullbreeze was done. But heres the interesting part, while our wizard is ahead in time right now, our pirate started first, the reason? the time it takes to travel. each ship has different speeds, based on size, lvl, and gear. we start out with a raft, which goes slow. We later get better ships and better gear however I estimate our wizard came in around the middle or beginning of cool ranch. Our wizard can fast travel, use portals, and doesn't have to deal with flying and walking. This is only a guess but it does add up. Even though Wizard101 came out first, our pirate was adventuring first. If we were to put them in a fight, that would mean our pirate would have the upper hand due to experience in combat. Another fun thing to think about is our pirate is older. I know there has been some debate, but its really just as simple as that. 1 little post by a kingsisle employee on the pirate101 message boards proved this. Tell me what you think in the comments and GL with all your farming (malistare or kane whatever it may be)


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