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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

what I want to see from pirate101 in the next update

This is basically what I want in the next p101 update. in order btw.

1 A new world. surprise, bet you didn't see this one coming :P basically ill take any world, but I bet its Polaris because like I keep saying napoleguin owes us a favor and as we all know, favors in the spiral are pretty valuable...

2 Some sort of player house viewing thing. basically like the wiz player house showcase. what can I say, the gold chickens must be seen!

3 bug fixes, not as important but still, like the void while hatching or rookes drop rates (not a bug but still, they are low.)

4 crafting. I don't craft much, even in other games, however I would like to see crafting in p101 simply because we might get new items. I wouldn't like them to take away items and make them craft able just new cool items.

5 fishing, again I don't fish in wiz, however I do want to see what sort of new fish p101 would have. like maybe a caarrrrrrrp

6 new houses. we need some new ones, its been quite awhile in my opinion. just any old house.

7 new packs. don't get rid of the old ones just maybe something new, or update the ones that are out of date.

8 gear upgrades. looking at you cutthroat bundle...

9 anything really, us pirate101 players will take  ANYTHING!

tell me what you would add, or anything you think I missed. Just comment below!


Le Punster!

I am a man of many puns, jokes, and other things, but I have to say I have some good wizard101 and pirate101 jokes! here are some of my jokes... "Warning they probably wont make you laugh but ehhhhhh."

1 A Newly graduated wizard, a headmaster and a professor walk into a tavern, the tavern keep looks up and says, "this looks like the setup of a bad joke."

2 A pirate walks into triton avenue with a cannon, he sees a rotting fodder and shoots it. I guess you could call that rotting fodder cannon fodder!

3 what do you call a wizard who fizzles at all the wrong times? I don't know why don't you ask my wizard!

4 What does ever pirate need in his ship? shiny carrrrrrgo!

5 What did the wizard read every time he polymorphed? Jules Verne's "A Trip to the Moon"!

6 What happens when a wizard spends to long in his storm house? 20,000 leagues under the sea!

7 What's a wizard on a mount least favorite ice cream? Rocky road!

8 what do you call a privateer who walks in between the dark and light? Moral ambiguity!

9 what do you call a pirate with lame jokes? Me!


Saturday, July 28, 2018

A thank you to Pirate101 and Wizard101

Warning! heavy stuff!
Hi its me again! I don't think I've done this post but if I have its been too long since I said it. Wizard101 and Pirate101 have done a ton for me, maybe not physically but mentally. Most of my life I've been bullied, it doesn't help I suffer from depression, but wizard101 and pirate101 helped a TON! I thought about just ending it a few times, but I always had that magical world of pirate101 and wizard101 to help me. Video games in a way allowed me to be in a different world, one where I wasn't a social outcast, one where I wasn't constantly under the fear of a big older kid walking by and making fun of me or push me around. Wizard101 was my first true MMO, I was quiet and reserved, usually keeping to myself but I made a few friends along the way. I haven't seen some of these friends in awhile but if they logged back on we could talk like nothing happened! (same with pirate101) Its just that these magical worlds, ones where anything could happen, allowed me to trust people and open up again. When pirate101 came out I took a break from wiz to enjoy KI's new game, I became more of a member on the community by joining the message boards and joining the get together's and parties hosted by the boards and fan sites. These helped me a ton with my social skills and because of that I was able to make more friends in real life. It was about the time of high school where the bullying stopped. I owe that to Wiz and Pirate mostly, because I was able to come out of my shell and be social in video games I wasn't afraid to do that in real life. There are others like that out there, playing video games to escape the world which is so cruel to them for no real reason. That's why it saddens me to see the community starting to become more toxic. But enough of that, I just wanted to say thank you to Kingsisle for helping me get through some tough times and helping me end them. I might not be here without you and wanted to let you know that you do help people, even if you just make games :D goodbye for now and cya in the spiral!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Guide to Max Buccaneer pvp in 2018

Well its time for a GOOD buccaneer pvp guide (just joking duelist, yours is out of date that's all :P) so while I have only a little experience in ranked pvp, I won against other players who probably should have killed me. This is Jack's guide to BUCCANEER PVP!

First the gear, you will have needed to farm kane, for this gear since its some of the best buck gear. (sorry I stitched all mine...)
this hat comes from kane, a must have 

also from kane, also a must have

again from kane, yet another must have

I prefer the kraven blade, however if you don't want to spend crowns moo manchus staff of power is an excellent replacement, better than the minotaur axe in my opinion.

schemer's eyepatch drops from several places in mb pick one and farm, as for my preferred is the patch of saint fido, costs crowns but is well worth it.

the token of moo Manchu while not a kane drop provides some needed powers.

this as well from kane is essential, it gives you a strength buff and tritons chorus(more on that later)

again from moo, however its combo of levy and super strike is a must have, since bubbles stack an extra levy is always good.
the strategy here is basically to treat it like a boss fight. most important thing to do is have your companions buff, and you spam tritons chorus, which will make melee attacks have reduced damage on you and your companions, this stacks as well so swashbucklers will have a harder time killing you.
I use three buck companions, always for every fight these are my preferred three (with 2 extra
barnabus is a must I gave him veng 3 so he could stun hold the line 2 blade storm 2, he is basically the main blocker and tank of the companions, a good strategy for him would to have him use his bubble in conjunction with yours, and have you and your companions go form a square with him spearheading the enemy, that way they can't get past to go for you.

Peter is another must, his buff is essential because you will be busy spamming triton chorus. 
I gave him relentless3 vengeance strike 3 and second chance. he should be in the left corner behind barney and in front of you
goro died while on the dreadnaught so ya... but in pvp he's great :D  
I gave him relentless 3 and vengeance strike 2 as well as bladestorm since I want him to hit more.
he should be in the right corner of the square barney in front, you behind.
ratbeard is a great replacement for goro, he has a bubble (always helps) multiple powers and great melee defensive abilities. I would give him first strike and repel boarders 3, he would replace goros place and act as a good damage combo dealer, blade storm and hold the line are a must since bladestorm gets him the extra hit and hold the line is good for that one extra stop.

bet you didn't see this one coming. Gaspard is actually overpowered in his own way. he can learn repo 3 which gives him a dodge buff every time he dodges. I gave him repel borders 2 and bladestorm 2, because I want him to deal some when people go to him. First strike is optional but it helps.
melee classes
basically form a diamond, barney spear heading you in the back and the other two on your preferred side, let them come to you while you buff and when they attack they will have some major damage on their end, when its your turn simply have you and everyone target the same enemy, goro might die when they attack but hopefully not. even if he does the enemy will be hurt and it will be an easier job. goros a pawn basically, use his general view of op to your advantage :D
musketeer is an easy class to beat for bucks, all you have to do is charge them and your good from there. might I suggest that you do the 1x9x9 strategy until you knock a few off, go for the player first and knock one other out, then group, the 1x9x9 was invited by me after farming rooke so much, basically I figured out that the dragoons would bomb the static items on the board and not me or my companions if we split into a way where bombs would only hit one of us at a time, people tend to do this as well, acting much like ai in the sense they want maximum damage.  odds are a musket isn't going to bomb one person and then watch as everyone else is unharmed and can walk freely. and don't bubble just rush first chance you get

Same as musket really, 1x9x9 and charge. save the bubbles and take out the pirate, always remember this, witchdoctors can be easily defeated but underestimate them and you might very well lose.  

don't buff with muskets and witchdoctors, odds are you'll critical anyways so just attack.

just by doing this I obtained warrior undefeated without much challenge before my membership ran out, one thing, I've often been called one of the best bucks, by some of my pvp friends too! however I hardly ever pvp, I have the gear, the strategy and the companions for this underloved pvp class. Buccaneers are one of the if not the most powerful classes in pirate101 if done right. their counters, bucklers and witchdoctors can be easily defeated by them if you know the buck class. so since I never pvp I pass these on to you, in hopes that you can bring glory to the buccaneer class!


Who is the most powerful enemy in wizard101?

This is a very debatable question, with most its either morganth, malistare or old cob but what if I told you that you were wrong? The strongest enemy may not have the most health, may not have the most powerful spells, and may not be invincible but they are powerful, what I propose to you is that the loremaster, yes the one everyone farms, is the most powerful enemy you have ever met. Why you may ask? Its simple she's a walking spell library. She knows spells not many know, she comes from a world known for their battle skills, she is basically a walking spell library. What about gear you may ask? Sure many others even some basic mobs drop better gear but what is gear to a wizard without spells? This isn't so much a theory as a hypothesis, even less a hypothesis than something for you too think about. That person that you farm for spells, that person you can solo, that person may be more powerful than you might think. A wizard is only as powerful as their spells, and the lore master knows some powerful spells if put in the right hands. Think of it this way, loremaster can use powerpips for all classes, no other person can. our wizards who are the most powerful person, use loremaster spell in pvp because its overpowered. Loremaster may not be the toughest fight but hands down she is one of the if not most powerful enemies out there. So next time you farm her think, if she was on old cobs lvl of powerful and she had cheats, do you think she could beat you no matter what you did?


an explanation on the timeline

Hi everyone I'm back! So a big question in the spiral is, are our wizard and pirate on the same timeline, being that they were both in mooshu at the same time for example yet there were references to dragonspyre. The answer is yes....and no. You see it can all be explained with SCIENCE! look at it this way, our wizard and pirate were both in mooshu at the same time, at least for a little bit. You see, due to the fact that kingsisle stated that our boat trips on our pirate take weeks if not months, and adding the size of mooshu skyways, amount of travel, side quests its safe to assume that my pirate Jack Nightingale would still be in mooshu after my wizard Jack Skullbreeze was done. But heres the interesting part, while our wizard is ahead in time right now, our pirate started first, the reason? the time it takes to travel. each ship has different speeds, based on size, lvl, and gear. we start out with a raft, which goes slow. We later get better ships and better gear however I estimate our wizard came in around the middle or beginning of cool ranch. Our wizard can fast travel, use portals, and doesn't have to deal with flying and walking. This is only a guess but it does add up. Even though Wizard101 came out first, our pirate was adventuring first. If we were to put them in a fight, that would mean our pirate would have the upper hand due to experience in combat. Another fun thing to think about is our pirate is older. I know there has been some debate, but its really just as simple as that. 1 little post by a kingsisle employee on the pirate101 message boards proved this. Tell me what you think in the comments and GL with all your farming (malistare or kane whatever it may be)