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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Some news...

So just some news. No theory, no guide nothing like that. This will be a rather short post so just saying that. The news is I may not have as much time to blog as usual, especially during these holidays. So while I still will be posting, I probably won't be interacting as much anymore. I'm just going to list what this all means and then try to get some time in to post tomorrow, or at least work on one.

1. A little more time in between posts.

2. Not as active in the community.

3. I may take some breaks, of which I will try to warn you but might not be able to.

4. I will still post! Not going to stop.

5. I will still try to come to some things and interact, I won't be totally gone.

I'm going to focus more on real life, which is why this is happening. But do expect a new actual post soon! Working on one right now... Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What to do if you want to use my work or build on it!

So, you want to do a theory of your own and include some of my work or you want to build on one of mine. What do you do? Here is what I would prefer you to do. Not forcing you, not going to threaten to take whatever down or comment "Hey, you stole some of my content!" just what I would prefer you did.
1. Give me a shout out. By shout out I mean the link to the theory, or if that doesn't work just point people towards my blog.
2. State which theory you want to build on or getting some info from. Optional but it would be nice for both me and your viewers.
3. Don't belittle my theory. Basically, if you are doing something like debunking it, do it in a nice way. Not like "This is terrible and here is why", but "I don't agree and here is why." No need to be rude, just say whats wrong, and what you like about it if you want.
4. Its okay to use my work, just don't copy and paste and say it was all you. Thats probably the only time I will call you out. Like I said, all you need to do is give me a simple shout out saying that you got some of the theory from me.
5. You don't have to ask to use my theory, its for everyone. And if you do ask, or say you used some, and include a link, I will give you a shout out and tell people to check it out.

In short, just give me a shout out by pointing people towards my blog and the theory and be nice if debunking. And do send me a link if you use some of my work, most likely I'll tell people to take a look! I personally believe writing should be for everyone, and unlike art you shouldn't have to ask to use some of someone else's writing, just credit them. I'm not asking for royalties, not asking for a section dedicated to me, just a line that says something like "Check out The Dragonspyre Pirate and his theory on ____!" A good example is a past post A look at a fellow pirates theory. Do something like that and you are fine. Cya in the spiral!


The strongest world!

So, who do you think is the strongest world in the spiral? Before you answer let me just tell you. Its Captain Avery's pirate republic. Why you may ask? Well they don't have any military power really, no law or defense and are a brand new independent world in the spiral. But what they do have is allies. Remember that quest with the pillars in VA, the ones that states the Spiral Powers? Well 3 out of 4 of them are allied with SI, not to mention Polaris which as we know has Napoleguin back. So, who are they allied with, when did they ally with them, and why does this make them the strongest spiral world? All shall be answered today! (and some questions like why isn't Wizard City the strongest?)

So, who is SI allied with? To put it simply, Marleybone, Valencia, Monquista and Polaris. We have some big names backing SI already.

When did they ally with them? During the Party Barge quest, you help ambassadors from those places in the spiral. Since we helped them they would put in a good word for us. Meaning most likely they would ally themselves with us.

This makes them the strongest world simply because if you Attack SI you attack the rest of the major powers. This also would prevent places like VA from attacking SI for being pirates due to their treaty.

This all means powerful places like Wizard city can't touch SI, despite having the power to take it over. In war there is a simple rule, don't anger to many people at once. In other words try to keep the people you are fighting to a minimum. You may have heard the term a war on 2 fronts. Thats bad because you have to fight and defend 2 places at once rather than one. In this case you would be fighting 4 (powerful) worlds at once. Now lets look at some facts about the worlds backing Skull Island.

Monquista: It doesn't have the most powerful navy, but it is rich,and has plenty of influence.

Marleybone: A powerful Navy and army. Its lands reach far and it is both feared and respected.

Polaris: Currently rebuilding, but with Napoleguin back, they have strategy on their side.

Valencia: A powerful Navy and army. Also very very advanced in technology.

So what does this mean? It means the 2 most powerful Navies are backing Skull Island. So how would a war play out? I think Monquista would provide supplies. Marleybone and Valencia attack and defend and Polaris provide strategy and reinforcements.

So who could attack SI and succeed? No one, Dragonspyre possibly, but they are long gone.

And finally, what does this mean for the rest of the spiral? Really nothing, for now at least. Avery isn't interested in conquest, but if there was to be another Spiral wide war, things would get interesting. Most likely SI would remain neutral. And if it was a new Napoleguin war, again neutrality. Avery is smart and shrewd, he won't anger anyone, and will do his best not to pick sides. Really the lesson here is a world/person alone might be the most powerful strength wise, but if someone has a lot of good allies, they are just as strong if not stronger.  Skull island isn't strong alone, its strong because it has the strongest worlds backing it. And finally a little bonus content, the list of spiral alliances! (only confirmed ones, individuals dont count, which does include the council of light!)
1. Skull Island, Marleybone, Valencia, Polaris, Monquista.
2. Marleybone and Mooshu.
3. Valencia and Mooshu.
4. Wizard City and  Grizzleheim.
So, thats the currently aligned powers. Skull island, you could say is aligned with mooshu due to ally sharing, but thats a stretch. And in Valencia we see ambassadors from different worlds, but there is no real confirmation they are in an alliance. Thats all for now! Cya in the spiral!


Monday, December 17, 2018

Post number 200! Tips and tricks, recap, and more!

So, this is my 200th post. I didn't really know how to start it off. I am human just like you after all! Unless you are a robot, if so can I join you? Anyways, just like the title says there is a bit of everything. So sit back, relax, grab some hot chocolate and enjoy.

Tips and tricks:
Tip 1: Make some friends who are official bloggers or unofficial. Honestly, having friends who have blogged longer than you really helps. They can tell you how to improve and what you are doing right! If they are official they might advertise you a bit (try not to force them to often) and that could certainly help you gain a following, but remember this you aren't friends with them just for help and views, you are friends with them because like you, they are bloggers and need your support just as much as you need theirs. I'm friends with a few official bloggers, and while I may ask for a retweet here and there I still interact with them whenever I can and support them. They aren't there to me for views, they are my friends just like any other.

Tip 2: Advertise wherever you can! If an official site has a blog list, apply to advertise there. If someone is retweeting blogs, tell them yours, and most importantly, advertise yourself. Honestly, even with me being on some blog lists, most of my views are from twitter and me announcing new posts. So don't rely on others, you are most likely going to get more views just advertising yourself.

Tip 3: Listen and respond to the community. The community looks at your blog, if they see something they like respond and say thank you, and do it more often, if they don't like something, listen and change it in the future. And always be open to criticism, as long as its constructive. For example my pvp gear guide didn't do so well, I admit it there are flaws, but I listened to the community, and responded. I haven't done any pvp posts since, because I don't feel like I've improved enough. And even if people do criticize you, don't be discouraged, try something different. And always be respectful to your viewers, even if you disagree at least argue in a civil manor. Like a debate.

Tip 4: Do something different. A blog usually has its own theme for posts. Mine for example are theories. If you do a blog on something a ton of people do, and then submit it, its probably going to be rejected, or if you do something that clearly someone else has the market on, like decorating and Paige Moonshade, you will probably get rejected as well. So offer something that hasn't been offered before!

Tip 5: Have fun. Honestly if you are not having fun blogging, this is not for you. You should be having fun, and thats that.

Tip 6: Its okay to take a break from blogging. Again don't have to explain this much. Real life is more important, and it always should be.

Tip 7: Not everyone is good at writing. And this is by no means bad, it just means you should practice more. Writing isn't something everyone is good at, its like music, you don't just learn to play violin over night. So be sure to practice and learn to write professionally!

Tip 8: Celebrate milestones. Oh wait, i'm doing that... But make those milestones special posts, you should be proud and let others be proud with you...

I started blogging in February of 2016. I've really come a long way haven't I? My blog used to be a mess, not really any way to look for old posts except look through every one, a pretty bland template, and things like that. But over these (nearly 3) years I have had a lot of help. From bloggers gone (like the nordic champion) and bloggers still around like Edward Lifegem and Autumn Dreamwalker. Thanks to them my blog looks like it is today and has become successful. It does seem like forever ago though. In 2016 I made 100 posts, in 2017, only 14 since real life came up and so far this year 86 including this one. In march of 2016, I did 35 posts, Never think I'll break that. This recap may be a bit sketchy, but thats because honestly, time just went by. I never saw this blog as a pain where I count the days, I saw it as and adventure where time doesn't matter. I really do hope that continues and I can blog for a lot longer!

I planned to do a party or giveaway, but thats not really me. I like to host parties but they are hardly ever successful, giveaways are the same. But still, I want to do something. So what? How about this, If any of you want to start a wizard101 or pirate101 blog, I would be happy to help you, and if you already have but need advice I will help as well. I won't promise to endorse you for personal reasons, but if I can I will try. And before you ask, thats blogs only. I don't really promote many streams unless they are from friends I have known awhile and know won't cause drama. So once again thank you for viewing and cya in the spiral!


Sunday, December 16, 2018

What irl world is Dragonspyre?

So, the age old debate since the first arc. What world is Dragonspyre in real life? The debate died down awhile ago, most people just agreeing its Russia, but what if I told you its not based off of anywhere in real life? KI might have said something (or might not have, I'm not totally sure) but if they said it was a place IRL they are far from right... I'll be explaining what Dragonspyre really is, not a real life place, but a place of fiction, a place of poetry, and a place that I love. Time to go down this rabbit hole...
First check out an old post on it from an amazing friend who sadly is no longer in the community, I owe a lot of  my success to her to be honest.
While I hate to disprove her and all the research she did, she didn't consider the poetic aspect of it. Yes, she is probably right on what its SIMILAR to, but not what it really is. Dragonspyre is in fact, just a fantasy world, made up, its not real in real life. Keep in mind, while KI does like to take pages from history, they keep it at least recognizable to everyone. The closest irl thing I can think of for Dragonspyre is the fall of East Rome. However that doesn't make much sense since East Rome survived, Dragonspyre on the other hand did not, its been completely forgotten by most of the spiral, and for good reason. But enough of that, lets go into what Dragonspyre really is.
Dragonspyre is in fact, just a poetic reference to the current Malistare, A man stuck in the past. See the tragedy of malistare post for reference. But lets look at the inhabitants, like malistare they are all stuck in the past. Ghosts, fighting a war that is over. They send you on quests to fight an enemy that has already won. They can't see the present for what it is, and their future is gone. Just like Malistare. The people of Dragonspyre are a reference to Malistare, stuck in the past, and focused on avoiding loss. Now look at the architecture, its very fancy compared to most worlds, and if you know Malistare he used to be an elegant man, refined tastes, and fancy to say the least.
Image result for malistaire
 But now he is broken and ugly, and full of fiery rage. Just like Dragonspyre.
 Wherever you go in Dragonspyre you see broken ruins, and if when did Dragonspyre past you found out it was all once beautiful. Just like Malistares old life.
Related image
Image result for dragonspyre past
And lastly, Dragonspyre itself, its a dangerous world that could hurt many more than it already has, just like Malistare. My theory is that Dragonspyre isn't a world in real life, its just a reflection of Malistare's story. It may draw some references to in real life places, but at its core, its a poetic world, a world that sought power and destroyed itself, just like Malistare sought power and destroyed who he once was.
Cya in the spiral!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

What era is MB in compared to real life!

So, have you ever wondered which era MB, one of the most technologically advanced worlds in the spiral, is in? To put it simply, its between 1908 and 1915. Not 1901, even though thats when Queen Victoria died. Most people think MB is in the Victorian era of England, we have queen Victoria, people like Jacques the scratcher in Wiz. However while history says one thing, technology and advancement, what MB is all about, says another thing. This is going to be a short post, however its just to make you question how much you really know. There are 2 main points I will go over, first a side quest, second some decorations. Lets begin shall we?

First point, a p101 side quest, Light a candle.
In this side quest we install electric lamps, despite the name. How do we know this? Well the quest is in the isle of dogs, and despite not being MB city, it does show to have electricity. But to fully understand you have to look at the p101 story. Right now MB is at war with Valencia, I am guessing this is a WWI reference. We see in Bishops puppet show they plan to bombard The isle of dogs, which in real life started in January of 1915. But because this hasn't happened but is close to happening the oldest year MB could be is 1915. And we do know the bombing on the Isle of fetch would be within the week. So how does this side quest relate? Well, if VA is already this close to victory, we can assume all power is going towards the war effort and since this quest is to stop spies, it would count. Plus, this was how it was in real life, even though it was after the bombings...

Point 2: Some Wizard101 decorations/items in MB. This sets the minimum year for MB, 1908. But why is it 1908? Because of the model MB. The model MB car is no doubt a reference to the Model T. There were cars before the Model T, but not available to the mass public, my best guess is this is the point where Model Ts became popular and wide spread. I don't really have to explain more since it speaks for itself...
Image result for Wizard101 cars
In conclusion, I would place MB somewhere between 1908 and 1915. There is no clear date, but it is certainly later than most people think! Sorry for the short post, and while I do have plenty of evidence, its not really needed since this isn't supposed to be taken all to seriously. Tell me what you think in the comments and Cya in the spiral!


Friday, December 14, 2018

The Tragedy of Malistaire

Spoilers for wiz first and second arc!
When you think of what turned Malistaire into what he is you think of his dead wife. But what about the deeper meaning of him? Well, Malistaire is more than just an enemy, he is an important life lesson. I will be explaining in as much detail as possible why Malistaire himself is tragic, not his story. Shall we begin?

First arc:
Malistaire, always the enemy, and never the friend. Each step of his story we see is a tragedy, a broken man with a broken life. The first point we see him, the tutorial, you can get a grasp of what kind of man he is. A man who thinks he is to important for you, a man who lets his underlings do the work and scolds them for doing a bad job, typical bad guy stuff. As the story goes he is continued to be portrayed as a big villain, it isn't until Dragonspyre we get to know him more. We find out how deep his story goes, we learn that he kept his wife alive as a wraith, we learn his home world got destroyed because of lust for power, we learn over all, he is a man stuck in the past, unable to move on. He can't accept what life gave him and is trying to take control when he can't. Malistaire in the first arc is portrayed as the bad guy until we end up feeling sorry for him. He is denying the fact that his wife died, and he takes his anger out on everyone around him. The tragedy of first Arc Malistaire is he is unable to move on, he's living in the past and can't see the future.
5 stages of grief: Denial and Anger.

Second arc:
Malistaire wasn't big this arc, but the time he did appear, on the meteor set to destroy Azteca, he made an impression. All we know is he made a deal with Morganthe to continue living so he can bring his wife back in exchange for teaching her to be better at death magic. Here he experienced the next 2 stages of grief bargaining and depression. He bargained with Morganthe. The meteor symbolized his depression, he was sad enough to try and take a world down with him, this could be anger but in the end of Azteca, we see the mood become dark, we failed, when someone is depressed those around them become sad as well. I suffer from depression, the kind that never goes away. It can feel like the world is ending or crashing down on you sometimes. I don't think its a coincidence we see Malistaire here. Like Dragonspyre, a world stuck in the past, Azteca symbolizes his current state, depressed.
5 stages of grief: bargaining and depression.

Darkmoor Malistaire:
Darkmoor Malistaire is the final stage of our journey with him, he accepts that he has died and can't bring his beloved back. But we know this is him accepting all this tragedy that he had and has brought because of the world. Darkmoor is full of people who accept their fates. Everyone has accepted a vampire will rule them, some of Shane's minions accept they can't beat him so they join him. Darkmoor, although dark, scary and rather gloomy follows the poetic example of worlds you face Malistaire in, a world that mirrors his heart.
5 stages of grief: Acceptance.

Malistaire is tragic not because of how he became evil, but because of how he is. He is a man stuck in the past, taking out his anger on the spiral, yet he is a smart man, one who could have done much good. I don't think of Malistaire as most people do, I think of him as someone going through the process of grief, someone who lives in this little bubble of insecurity, someone who while just a villain in a video game, speaks to a lot of us. And thats why, he and his story are a tragedy.
Cya in the spiral.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ship PVP! What's good about it and what can be added to make it more special!

So instead of focusing on how ship pvp can be fixed, I am going to list all the positives and what can be added to make it more fun!
1. Its not hard to be on equal footing with everyone, class doesn't matter, only gear and stats. And keep in mind everyone can have the same or near same gear and same or near same stats. Considering pvp in MMO's, this way is the most balanced.
2. It has that piratey feel. What can I say, they nailed the feel.
3. Its in CR. It has that high noon showdown feel, but its out of the norm since its with ships!
4. It can go to either side at any point. There are no guarantee's you will win, only once the other ship sinks you will know, which is fun and suspenseful!
5. Its a free for all. That may not be fun for some but it adds some interesting elements like alliances.
6. There is NO boarding. If there was it would turn away some people, and then it would be like normal pvp. Right now its just ship pvp. Like it should be.
7. Its not something you can take super seriously and brag about. Since its all equal its hard to be toxic in this pvp environment. Which is a major bonus.
8. Ship pvp can be improved, but it doesn't have to be! pvp is usually always changing in video games to make it balanced, but it never can be balanced, ship pvp can have some changes but as long as there is no boarding, it will always be balanced.
9. It promotes memberships. What can I say, to be the best you need the best gear. And while this may seem a negative to some people it helps KI know people play this game. So that means more updates...
10. It doesn't turn people away. even pvp being mentioned can turn people away, but since this is a new style, everyone can have equal footing, and its not as toxic and more fun, it won't turn people away!
WHAT CAN BE ADDED: (these don't have to be, just fun ideas)
1. Factions. Maybe make 2 factions, can just be red and blue but it can lead to things like new badges, little wars, not as much chaos and new ship gear!
2.  Modes. like hide and seek, tag, races to get items, things like that.
3. New maps. Just mix it up a little, they don't have to be complex, just a few different ones.
There isn't much to add, its already pretty good!
Thats it basically, if you have ever done ship pvp tell me what you think of it! Just keep in mind you can bash it a bit, just don't be overly toxic about it! cya in the spiral!


Monday, December 10, 2018

Albion and its freedom. Albions ties to the real world...

So, here is a question for you. What would you do to gain freedom? Or rather how would you gain freedom? Well in p101 Albion is trying to gain their freedom by force. Now we all know KI likes to take pages from history, so let me educate you on what I think Albion is based off of. The Albion movement for independence is no doubt based off of the IRA or the Irish Republican Army. I wont go into to much detail but basically they fought for a free Ireland when Britain was in control. They used similar tactics as the Albion freedom fighters (destroy the British occupancy from within and make small important strikes, not open warfare) and I believe Albion itself is based off of Scotland. So what does this mean? It means Albion will fail to be free, sure the IRA succeeded and freed PART of Ireland but Scotland never won its Independence, so if Albion is based off of Scotland its safe to assume Albion won't be free. I'll go into why Albion is based off of Scotland later but right now let me explain some history, Scotland fought for Independence, and lost. Awhile ago they had the choice to vote for Independence and that vote did not go in favor for Independence. So its safe to assume Albion would follow the same fate. So here is why Albion is Scotland.
1. Bonnie Anne is promoted to Fox HIGHLANDER during her last promo, no spoilers but it has to do with Albion fighting for freedom. Highlander is commonly associated with Scotland, and since Bonnie is from Albion its safe to assume Albion is more closely tied to Scotland.
Thats it really, we know little about Albion other than it has a college there, named this "Stratchclydesdale" and the closest thing I could find was a town in Scotland called Clydesdale.
So what Albion is doing wrong is fighting for freedom, here is what they could do right.
1. Be like Canada and just ask.
2. Peaceful Protest.
They can't fight because Albion seems to be close to MB so MB can send in reinforcements on short notice. And it seems MB values Albion for putting a college there. In the end, Albion can't gain freedom by fighting, just by doing so peacefully. There is a lesson to be learned there, but I'll let you figure it out, Cya in the spiral!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

What area in the world are Pirate101 and Wizard101 appealing too?

So big thanks to This site's owner for giving me the idea. So, here is a question you never thought about. Where do P101 and W101 appeal to culture wise? Well it may be obvious but have you considered why? Lets start out by saying which game appeals to where first, in case some people don't know.
Pirate101 appeals largely to the North and South America region.
Wizard 101 appeals more to the Europe, Asia, and Africa region.
Lets explain why they appeal to those regions now.
Pirate101, while having a large European influence, deals more with North and South America 2 ways. The first way is the fact that a lot of the time we are fighting for Independence. The second way is development in technology. Lets explain the Independence first.
If you know your history, you know North and South america were not free at the start. The big nations of Europe took over and most countries won freedom by fighting for independence. If you look at the P101 story line, you see fighting for freedom is a big theme, Avery wants a free and independent pirate republic, Gortez wants a free MQ, VA is fighting for freedom from Kane, Cool ranch wants freedom from the oppressive governments and from corruption (santa pollo) Mooshu wants freedom from its warlords who have taken over the government, MB is just at war, there is a break there, and AQ we fight to save Ithaca and its freedom. This definitely appeals to North and South america since its whole history since the European settlers is basically for freedom.
The second reason is development in technology. This is North America based mainly (sorry my South America history is really rusty) but North America basically led the Industrial Revolution when it entered it. North America won the space race, invented cars everyone can use, and makes new and improved technology a ton. But in P101 we see more advancement than in wiz, metal ships, steam engines, guns, and of course, things like beachhead. True, a lot of this is in a European/Asia setting but still.

Wizard101, I'm not going to explain much since its obvious (pretty much every world is Europe/Asia/Africa related) but consider the history of these places, namely the magic history. Early on in each continent Magic was their modern science, Europeans looked to the stars for guidance, and in Africa and Asia, medicine was mostly natural. Nothing wrong with that, it works but in stories we fantasize it to be magic. Most likely if you are from Europe, Asia, or Africa, you would enjoy Wizard101 more, If you were from North or South America you would enjoy Pirate101 more. Not the game play but the story. That's all for now and I hope you learned something! Cya in the spiral!


Update on some art

top to bottom.
1: Armada elite masks
2. Jack'o'lantern 
3. A shiba inu
4. A friends pirate bust.
5. Lt. Springer.

Another community theory! Armada companions idea!

Also made by Fearless Joseph Galway!
Okay so these are based off of my desire to finally recruit the Armada elites (give each class their respective elite) after the defeat of the Armada so that they don't just become a forgotten shell of what was once our nemesis
However there are some variations for those that don't like that idea
1. A cyborg companion that replaced his lost parts with armada mechanics (sort of like Dead Mike)
2. Of course, Phule could've easily been our companion gained through his common hatred toward his family and how he would never fit in Kane's perfect world (I personally feel like that sort of character would have spoken volumes to kids who actually feel this way in their own families)
3. Why not just give them to us? It could be a wonderful culmination to such a great nemesis faction and leaving them in the past would just be a shame. It's kind of how Malistair kept popping back up in wiz. While the player was always happy to see him again, it really sucked that he was always our enemy until we eventually saw him finally be able to rest in peace.
And finally
4. Kind of like a build your own armada deal. You get a quest to build an armada that becomes your companion. I think this would be cool because (with our senior engineer's assistance) you could build one that is superior to the others because it's ultimately a combination of every class in game. The main body would be privateer and it would have four arms (each one would carry a different classes weapon: a heavy axe/sword, a witchdoctor staff, a dagger, and a pistol)

Again didn't edit, no nothing. His theory is completely pure!
Cya in the spiral!

Community idea/theory, p101 and its new arc

This theory was entirely made by Fearless Joseph Galway! So enjoy a fellow community theorists theory!
Okay so basically I'm still holding onto the idea that we will raise Atlantis and here's how the actual storyline idea would go: (This has a lot to do with the new Aquaman movie actually but KI does love to make story spoofs so it would fit their MO) Basically, the former king of Atlantis would either pass away or be secretly assassinated and there would either be two brothers with vastly different ideas on how to rule or an Uncle would take over rather than the King's son. Either way the older son/uncle would take the crown and demand that they take over the surface world because the land dwellers have no respect for the skyways and think they own them but the younger son would join the pirate on their mutual quest to retake the crown and rule the skies/seas (it would be a pretty neat companion to have that could have control over water) and we would ultimately retake rule over Atlantis after it raises it to the surface. Another great factor of that Atlantis storyline is that it's the perfect continuation because of the Armada's desire to rule the naval aspects of the spiral and consequently the spiral itself, and, being an isolationist country, the Atlantians probably wouldn't care much for the surface world and would actually prefer to conquer it anyway since wiping out the life up there wouldn't have a negative affect on them. Again, just a thought, but it would be a good continuation after defeating the Armada.
To put it simply, discovering Atlantis and stopping a spiral-wide flood would be the goal after finally reaching El Dorado and stopping Kane.

Hope you enjoyed his theory and cya in the spiral!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Final bastion making a new kevin the noob series?

So, final bastion has made some new interesting tweets. They are as follow.

and then a video that ends with this

The video lyrics
For our deaf friends: Every hive needs its hero From the depths of the spiral, a new hero must rise Pure of heart and will Born into a family of champions Force to live a life of solitude Destined to stop the chaos The fight for the spiral begins now
So what does this all mean? My theory is this.
There will be a new video series adventure to mark how Final bastion is no longer Duelist and that means an end to Kevin.
1. Bastion is a location in w101, the commons of Khrysalis if you will.
2.The hive no doubt refers to Khrysalis's hive, and how the mice, fought the hive and won.
3. Khrysalis is in the depths of the spiral.
4. The new hero will be either pure as in funny or pure as in noble .
5. He will be born to perhaps a Hive royal guard.
6. After the mice won he has to live in solitude.
7. There is chaos after the mice won.
8, There is a bigger enemy here.
So what does this all mean? My guess its an alternate timeline. Or a time after the main wizard left.
However there is one other possibility. That this does follow the story of our wizard and he just stays in the hive, more on that later.
Back to the other thing, the story could go as follows. The mice and bees are still at war, the previous champion died, the new protagonist was close to the previous champion, and now he is training. He/she stops the war, then it is revealed a bigger threat is there and he goes to stop it.
I'm not sure how the other way would play out but you can guess. Thats my theory for now! Cya in the spiral!


What makes decorating in p101 great!

So, I recently got featured in Paige's Page with one of my gold chicken houses! But before this post some quick news.
1. Next post will be a "theory"
2. Next post will drop shortly.
3. Next post will be about Final Bastion...
That's it for new now onto the post!
Here is why I think decorating in p101 is great!
1. Its an underappreciated market so most people will be amazed no matter what.
2. We have some unique and interesting decos (like gold chickens)
3. We have some cooler houses.
4. We have companions that can be decorations.
5. We can put ships in our houses.
Really short post, so here is some pictures of my final house (wip)

Monday, December 3, 2018

A guide to Scrip and the best places to obtain it.

So, in P101 there is a currency called scrip. Its used to buy black market items. However it is difficult to get at times. So here are my 10 best places to farm for scrip. 10 being the worst and 1 being the best. This is a guide for max lvl players since they usually are the ones needing it. Also, I will teach you best how to save it and what you should buy. Alright lets begin!

10. low lvl area ships. While farming ships in somewhere like cool ranch for scrip is easy and fast, it gives low amounts and not much other things. This is by far the worst way to farm for scrip.
9. VA2 ships. Like low lvl ships, they give a small amount. are kind of annoying to farm, but they are better because they can give more scrip and more gold. average 12 scrip per ship.
8. Scout and Escort ships in SI skyway. Far better than VA2, mainly because there are people that will help and you can farm the dread for cool weapons. average, 12 scrip per ship.
7. Smugglers arena. While it can give a lot of scrip, its long, hard, and most likely companions will die. average around 480 scrip per run.
6. The Pirate Regatta. While not many people do it, it is solo-able.It drops a certain cats fancy gear, scrip, decorations and pets. So its the best ship farming location for scrip. Average 12 scrip per ship.
5. The dreadnought. So with the help of the cabin glitch, you can get hundreds of scrip in an hour, more or less. I won't state the specifics of the glitch but due to the fact that a chest can drop 12 scrip and the weapons are very good, This is number 5, but not the best for scrip.
4. Obsidian Scratch. His gear is not the best and the doom mojo and how far away hurts. But you can get no scrip, 10 scrip or 100 scrip so while its one of the best places to farm scrip its the worst out of the 4 Obsidian key bosses.
3. Obsidian Blood. He drops his jacket, max version, a decent weapon and not much else, but the scrip is the same amount as all the other key bosses, 0, 10, or 100.
2. Obsidian Duck of death. He drops the rarest item in game, his mustache, and his gear for muskets is not bad, thing is he is quicker to beat than the last 2. Same scrip drop
1. Obsidian brass monkey. His gear is bad, not going to lie, but its a quick easy fight, higher chance of more keys to farm since every round he summons minions, and he has the same scrip drop as the rest. He is by far the best to farm for scrip because of all the chances for more runs and its the quickest fight.

The best things to spend your scrip on is not a big list, just 2 things.
1. The cabin. Costs 25000 but if you like to decorate buy it.
2. Your class banner. Costs 12000 but it helps in say farming or helping some friends of the same class. I wouldn't use it but still, nice to have.

That's basically it! Cya in the spiral!


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Jack's guide to getting keys and a guide to krampus!

So this will be a short post, but it will help a ton! Here is my guide to getting keys to farm krampus! (with some of krampus cheats.)

1. Gold keys:
The best places to farm:
1. Obsidian Brass Monkey. Stall for a round or two then start to kill him. should get plenty of chests that way
2. Machine docks. All enemies are lvl 65+ which is the requirement for gold keys to drop, plus the fights are sort of fast. 
1. The dreadnought. You can cabin glitch so thats the best place.
2. Regatta. Mainly the ship  boarding part. Keys should drop at max lvl.

Stone keys:
since mobs under lvl 69 can also drop them The list is the same as gold.

Wood keys: Ancient tunnels are the best place to farm. Mainly the crab crawlies since they dont drop anything but gold and keys.

Krampus cheats:
wood key: I haven't had this happen to me but someone else did, second round he turns everyone into presents. (solo cheat only so far and credit to Carful Jeremy Burke from the p101 discord. Will have a video when he gets home that I will link to)
Stone key: Arrive late and you may get turned into a present, attack him while minions are alive and he is immune, attack him while minions are alive and you get turned into a present and take damage
Gold key: So far the same as stone. With one exception, if he moves you turn into a present for a round. This only happens to classes that hit when something goes near them. So I recommend limiting companions that will hit when something goes near them. Every 2-3 rounds when its just him he re-summons 
I may update it later depending on what I find! Hope to cya in the spiral!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

spiral map theory, why the center of the spiral is doomed!

So, a big argument in the spiral is, who is the center of the spiral? Valencia says they are, Wizard city looks like the center and MB made a map with nobody in the center. So today I'll explain why if you are the center of the spiral, you are doomed!

On a past KI live, it was stated that the spiral is basically a galaxy.  I can guess due to the similarities between out galaxy and the spiral as well as earth and the spiral that the spiral is basically a spiral galaxy. Now, here are some pictures of spiral galaxy's, try to find whats in common with them.

In case you couldn't tell, look at the center. See that big glowing bulgy spot? Well most likely that's a cluster of black holes. And if you don't know what black holes are, well here is a simple explanation. They destroy everything that's near them. So why does this matter? Well that means the center world is doomed to be sucked in by a black hole. That is, if the spiral is a normal spiral galaxy. Which I do believe it is. Now, for the real question, which world is actually at the center? Well the answer is simple, its wizard city, there is proof from the site and in game that I will now show

So it seems Wizard City takes the doom cake for being in the center of the spiral. 
In conclusion, due to the spiral being well, a spiral galaxy, Wizard City is doomed due to the fact most spiral galaxy's have black holes in the center. So quest in wiz while you can, because it won't be around for long!
Cya in the spiral!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

We only beat kane because of the MB war

Sorry forthe long wait. Thanksgiving is the reason I couldn't make some new posts. But besides that here is the post!
So, if Kane is better than any living creature, how did a human (one of the weakest creatures physically in the spiral) child beat him? Well he sure didn't let us, he tried to kill us. I believe the MB war weakened hid forces an in turn him. A leader is only as strong as his men after all. But to put this theory into perspective, he spent a vast amount of resources into the war before we entered. When we joined we destroyed beachhead, ships and a dreadnought. When we left things were dead even. This means Kane had to move troops and ships as well as ammo and materials from places like Cadiz to MB. If Kane had all the resources at hand he could have easily overwhelmed us. Is there any way to provend this though? Well not directly bit in some ways we can make connections.
1. Cadiz is the capital of VA but the capital city was heavily lacking in armada.
2. MB and VA are still at war, we can tell because the only ship with MB dogs is The Pretender. Plus there is no MB ambassador.
3. What armada were in VA although few gave us some trouble, unlike other armada. So either they were upgraded to make up for lack of defense or all armada there were like that.
In conclusion, we owe our success to the war because it diverted a massive army away from Kane and us. That's all for now! cya in the spiral!


Monday, November 19, 2018

Why our pirate doesnt have a fleet!

So, people sometimes ask this. Why doesn't our pirate have a fleet? Well that's simple, even in real life pirate fleets were rare(pirates usually had one or a few ships, not a whole fleet). Why you may ask? Well, they are pirates, and commanding a fleet requires loyalty and order. Something Pirates are not known for. Plus, ships require large crews, and we don't have the manpower for multiple ships. So, are there any alternatives? Yes! There are a few but the one that makes the most sense is this, we capture other pirate ships, recruit them, and leave them to their devices while they pay us a sum of money every month or so. While its not a fleet that we command it is a fleet of ships under our service, they could all have our flag and help us when we need them but it wouldn't be a fleet that follows us. This would lead to several things the game could add, allies to help us in battle, us owning a skyway, like a command and conquer system, and of course fleet pvp. But there are two reasons this is not happening.
Reason 1.
The coding:
If you ever coded a game you will know this is next to impossible for an MMO, to many variables and what ifs. Plus, its just not necessary right now.
Reason 2.
We are still young pirates:
While we do command a bunch of older pirates, we redeemed them, we got to know them and we have fought with them. I don't think some cutthroat would follow us no questions asked. We are young, well known but not for being pirates and not well liked by a lot of other pirate groups. It wouldn't make sense if we captured a ship from a faction that hates us and the crew is like "Okay, we will follow you."
I would personally love to have a fleet, but it doesn't make sense game wise or in real life wise. So, if that solution doesn't work what will? Well to be honest, nothing. The only solution there is, is to give each Companion a ship and explain they can control it all because spiral magic. I could see them doing that but lets be real, it would only apply to ship pvp because that would clutter the skyway. So that's all!
cya in the spiral!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Moo Manchu will take over Mooshu!

So, this will be a short post again (sorry, a bit short on time) on the reason Moo Manchu will eventually take over Mooshu. What I'm going to do is state each reason and explain why this will help him. Let's begin!

1. He is immortal. Remember when we went to the bottom the lake with the blue oni to get that elixir? It was the elixir of life and who owned it but Moo Manchu. That means he will live forever and get as many tries as he wants to take over Mooshu.
2. He has connections in high places. Yes we beat Tso, but he had to know somebody to get to Tso. In fact, he probably knows a lot of government officials. That would certainly help him.
3. He is good at strategy, like for example making stone warriors that are hard to hurt or getting weapons the rest of the military doesn't. He also convinced loyal soldiers to join him, so he has a way with words.
4. He excels at magic. Might not seem good to some, but he can certainly use it to his advantage, like with the terror-cotta.
5. He controls the inoshishi. A large bandit group that the government is hard pressed to stop? check he controls them and their recourses.
6. Mooshu is in turmoil, not fully his doing but it helps him a ton! The more divided a country the easier it is to gain power.
7. The emperor doesn't have a heir. As far as we know of their is no heir to become emperor of mooshu, most likely the seat will go to the strongest or who the government votes for and guess who has a hand in the pockets of government officials?
8. He is intelligent, and he uses it to his advantage. Just think, he tries to get you to join him before he fights you so he has a better chance of coming out of this encounter with gain rather than loss.
Well that's a nice even number to end on! Again sorry for the short post, I'll cya in the spiral!


Friday, November 16, 2018

Avery VS Ambrose, who is the better leader?

This isn't so much as a post as a list what Avery and Ambrose do right and wrong. I might go over some stuff but maybe not. So without further ado, here is the list of what they do right and wrong!
What Avery Does right:
1. Only fully trust his closest companions
2. When someone breaks his trust he gives them a second chance.
3. When someone fails that second chance he no longer trusts them.
4. Has people earn and show they can be trusted and contribute to his society.
5. Has backup plans in case things go wrong.
6. Makes connections in high places.
What Avery does wrong:
1. Doesn't keep control on his underlings.
2. Doesn't keep an eye on everything.
Overall, Avery does pretty much everything right, all he needs is to keep an eye on the people a bit more and have a bit more control.
What Ambrose does right:
1. Rewards jobs well done
2. Makes connections.
What Ambrose does wrong:
1. Is way to trusting.
2. Doesn't keep an eye on things,
3. The tutorial.
4. Doesn't protect his students.
5. Never does anything.
6. Lets things happen while passing a blind eye unless its directly brought to him.
Overall Ambrose is not a good leader. I've said this many times and hope this list shows that. While Ambrose has been there for more of the spiral's greatest threats, he was just kind of there.

Cya in the spiral!


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Strength of the haywire armada fleet.

Alright, so a question that's been on my mind for awhile is, how strong is the haywire armada fleet? Well lets look at a few things, 1. the scouts, 2 the escorts and 3 the dreadnought. I'm assuming that when we stopped Kane we didn't stop his final order, to release a fleet to destroy the spiral. So assuming each fleet is the same, we will be looking at the one in SI alone. Now, the scouts and escorts are basically just a bunch of VA part 2 ships renamed, the best estimate of ships I can give you is 50, but there are infinite amount of escort ships so I would say about 15 scout ships and 35 escort ships. So basically a good sized fleet. Now, here is where things matter, the dread. It takes awhile to get to boarding level, with 5 max ships. With the best gear on its purple, and it has a group of armada on it ready to defend. It can shoot cannonballs from all sides and I doubt any normal fleet could hand it. So, those are its strengths, what about its weaknesses? Well there are really none, its heavily armored and well defended. I bet that no spiral power could defend against one. So, how would they win? The solution goes back to MB, with beachhead. A small army would have to board the dread while under heavy fire, then eliminate the crew and blow it up from inside. That's the only way any world could beat it. This was a bit short so here are a list of worlds that could beat it and maybe could
Could beat the dread: MB and Aquila. MB has the experience and Aquila has the ships and soldiers.
Possibly could  beat the dread: MQ. Mooshu, Polaris. MQ might be able to due to the fact that their ships are small and fast and you could fight a lot of monkeys on them, Mooshu, maybe they have the soldiers but no hand held guns. Polaris I'm really not sure. Maybe with Napoleguin but otherwise I don't think they could win.
The rest of the worlds Don't stand a chance. You might think Wizard city but no navy, you may also think GH but their boats have no cannons and little armor. Well that's all for now! Cya in the spiral!


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

MB, good or bad?

This is my opinion and probably mine alone but I think MB is the bad guy in the MB/VA war. My reason? Blind Mew on the official message boards stated that MB knew we were the ones that did the things that started the war. So why is this all that bad? Simple, if they knew why did they go to war with VA? They could have explained it was us and not them. So here is my theory on why they are the bad guys.

Most likely MB was waiting for an excuse to start war with VA. They were afraid of their power, and what it might mean for the MB empire. Because of this they readily accepted this chance at war, hoping to win and weaken VA for good. However VA was much stronger than anticipated and many lives were lost because of this. When you and bonnie went to MB they were suspicious of you because you started the war, the war they wanted. To be fair the suspicion is justified, however we did give them what they want. So during the war lives are lost and there is much hardship, but what about after? Most likely there will be more hardship, war costs money and that means more taxes which means more desperation and more crime. MB wanted a war, they got a war they thought would be over quick and help them in the long run but it hurt them in the short and long run.

In conclusion MB knew we caused the war, did nothing to stop it and tried to get personal gain from it. It backfired and now everyone suffers. While this was a short post I think I got my point across. sorry for the short posts today, 3 posts is kind of hard... Cya In the spiral!


Haywaire armada VS SI (skyway)!

So, who would win if the haywire fleet invaded SI skyway and we weren't there? Well, lets look at some facts and you can decide.(much like the previous VS)
1. Armada ships are much stronger
2. Not as many armada ships
3. The armada dreadnaught takes several lvl 70 ships to beat it.
4. The haywire armada are a bit weaker.
5. SI is sort of defended.
Now lets play out a scenario. Here is how I think the fight would happen.
First the haywire armada fleet faces heavy resistance, loses a few ships but comes out on top. Next the land on SI, and the pirates who are fit to fight all fight them. A large battle happens while Avery escapes in the secret tunnel. The haywire armada lose a bit of their army and move towards Avery's Court after beating the resistance on SI. The remaining Armada face the trainers, get beaten, and then the commanders step in. I would say 3 out of the 5 trainers get defeated but 2 survive, most likely the buccaneer trainer and the musketeer trainer because he would be sniping in the back. Avery would then return and his dream of a pirate republic would be squashed since most of his trusted hands are gone and most if not all of the pirates on SI. In the end, the haywire armada would lose but at a heavy cost to SI, one which they would most likely not recover from. That's basically it, got to work on the next post today, so cya in the spiral!


Cutthroats VS Warf rats, who wins in a battle for SI?

So, if there was a big battle for SI who would win? the Cutthroats or Warf rats? Both sides have some advantages, of which I'll list but first off. Sorry for the last 2 days, no wifi for awhile. So I'll do three posts today! Okay so here is what I'll do, state some facts, some disadvantages and advantage's on both sides and leave you to decide.
Facts: Warf Rats reach extends to MB. It is said to be bad for everyone when the Rats work together. Warf Rats have a much stronger navy but most likely less ships. Cutthroats reach extends through all skull island except port regal. Cutthroats proved to troublesome for the MB navy.
Advantages of the cutthroats.
1. Their hideout is well protected.
2. They are stronger physically.
3. They have far more ships.
4. They have their fins in much of skull island
5. They have been resourceful
CT disadvantages.
1. Their ships are not as strong.
2. They don't have connections in other worlds.
3. While they can be strategic it usually is a 3rd party leading or a rare smart cutthroat.
Advantages of Warf Rats,
1. Stronger ships.
2. Connections in MB
3. Smarter.
4. More sneaky.
5. Hard to get to the leaders.
Disadvantages of WR
1. Weak in strength compared to a cutthroat.
2. Limited ships
3. Their hideout, scrimshaw is easy to get to and not very well protected.
So, both sides seem to be about even. In my opinion its a matter of who can last the longest.
Well that's the first post! cya in the spiral!