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Thursday, October 19, 2017

top ten favorite dungeons in both games

same as before, least favorite of the favorite at number 10 and favorite of the favorite at one, shall we start?

number 10: the great spire, last dungeon of DS
I love this dungeon because its so amazing, the beginning looks like a maze and it used to be required to get a full group. but I just love the looks of it, plus its cool to see the dragon titan up close!

number 9: the labyrinth, DS
what can I say, I love ds and its dungeons! I love this one especially because of the fact there is a lava lake, its just so awesome and the dungeon is like a giant prison/living area which is awesome!

number 8 beachhead, the core
this one is a bit boring for some, but very funny and great to explore for me. I felt like I was in star wars, trying to blow up the armadas version of the death star. plus the turret makes me think its also a factory since it never is truly defeated.

number 7: the machine, Valencia.
largely due to the unique battle, and this is the end of the first arc for p101 this is one of my favorite dungeons. True the difficulty might be a factor but this dungeon was only good enough to be number seven, not top five in my opinion

number 6:darkmoor, the graveyard.
due to its great drops, hard to work around cheats, and the cut scenes this beat out the first fight with malistare by a long shot! however it kind of sucks I couldn't use a heal pet through a few battles.

number 5: dragonspyre past, DS
this is a very beautiful dungeon, well designed and although short and small gives us a huge look on what DS was like before the dragon titan. plus who doesn't love the joke about some person fixing the bridges in ds present then you fix the bridges in ds past.

number 4: duck of death boot hill. CR
kind of a weird one, I love it for the fact you fight on a ship, plus the fact that you have to blow it up doesn't hurt ;)

number 3: cavern of the crescent moons, MQ diablo cut
while it may be a bit long it certainly makes me think. for one its a Indiana jones reference, with the holy grail, the guarding knight, etc. and a reference to a short story about a monkeys paw that grants three wishes that usually turn out bad.NI

Number 2: troy, mouse and palace. Aquila p101
this is may favorite for several reasons, one its hilarious, with the monty python references, 2 it looks amazing and well done, and three, gold chickens! overall this parody storyline of the Iliad is great, sort of like a mini arc by itself.

NUMBER 1: Wreck of the victory, Trafalgar Vortex
this is such an amazing dungeon, I may have farmed for hours on end day and night for nearly a year, its drop rates may be the worst in history, and it may get annoying but its so awesome to fight an army of armada with dogs at your side, and see a death star like explosion when you leave. It never gets old and I continue to go back time to time

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