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Friday, October 27, 2017

top 10 things w101 and p101 could add

just 10 things kingsilse could add to make the games better In random ways, I'm excluding things that are in one game but not the other, like crafting.

10 teacher boss fights, I'm not talking about things like Cyrus drake I'm talking about our pirate vs Avery or our wizard vs Ambrose, a long requested thing that probably wont happen.

9 pirate and wizards meet. sort of like the box event but a wizard (presumably ours) meets our pirate, just a little idea with so many possibilities.

8 explanations of how the spiral work. I'm talking not about its history we have that, I'm talking about a scientific explanation of the inner works of the spiral. possibly explained with a combo of magic and science?

7 huge bosses. When I say huge I mean huge. same mechanics but it would be more intimidating and look way cooler. sort of like the size of a building huge.

6 companion customization. in other games you can change your companions clothes. I like this idea since it makes it seem like every companion is different. this is really a p101 thing but still.

5 fighting style crossovers. I want to see our wizards get in fights like the days of old dragonspyre, forcing to rely on magic to beat enemies coming at you with weapons and not just casting spells. same with our pirate, it really would seem cool.

4 Fleet Battle! like ship pvp but this would require around five npc ships that you have in your fleet and your main ship which you control. it would require strategy and not just clicking buttons.

3 more strategy based fights. sure there is cheats but its really more a normal fight with some side stuff. I would like to see more fights like the kane battle, except it actually works like chess or something like that.

2 some new serious topics, the save the spiral gig is getting a bit old. something new would be better even on small scale. I would like to see the topic of death more focused on in a small scale, Azteca was general but a side quest dealing with it would be much better. sometimes even kids games need a pinch of darkness.

1 guild type things with conquest. it would be great to have official groups of people who resonate with something in something like a guild and maybe even have spiral conquest where you do certain things to gain points, and if your guild captures a world then your guild flag and name would show for a time, and you could earn special capture only rewards for your lvl and class. of course it would be themed the world you capture and would add a new lvl of competition and players to both games.


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