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Monday, October 9, 2017

Top 10 bosses in the spiral

this lists my top 10 favorite bosses from both p101 and w101 combined
starting from least favorite of the ten (number 10) to my favorite boss in both games (num 1)
number 10: The first malistare encounter
while I didn't like the fight (it was rather boring for me) I did love the setting, the dragon titan staring at us battle, the look of dragonspyre, combined with the music gave me chills, its a dungeon I sometimes go back to for no reason other than to see that all again.

number 9: The machine, kane.
yes the first arc final boss again, both deserve a spot on this list, but Kane is better because of the style of the battle, its completely unique to the game, extremely difficult and offers some cool items, but what I love about it most is this is a boss you can be afraid of, even with a full skilled and good geared group. with out a buck spamming tritons chorus, Kane can pretty much one shot anyone. Most bosses in these games are not at all hard with a full group, but with Kane, we may joke he is going to kill us in one shot, but we are terrified of it happening.

number 8: buster crab (a boss before the si expansion update)
while this was a very easy fight, I loved the fact that we had to free someone and protect them to win. the badge wasn't to bad either, "crab boiler" was funny and I wish they would give us some way to get it back.

number 7: darkmoor malistare
technically different boss, but I love malistare anyways so he was going to be on here again. What I love about this is not the fight, not the drops, but the ending. the guy we see defy death time and time again so he can destroy us and resurrect his wife finally admits defeat and accepts peace with us. it was a touching moment and one that never gets old.

number 6: Cyrus drake
this fight was not hard, yet not easy. we could get no help from friends, crown shop henchmen were not the best choice to waste on him, and he was a professor facing a student, yet I loved it because of this. it was new, exciting and of course, a great chance for revenge against him trying too expel us for bringing his laundry late or something like that >:D

number 5: every cool ranch boss.
why you may ask? because of the music. it made me think I was in a old west showdown, what else is there to say?

number 4: every Dragonspyre boss
again with every boss but its true, DS is my favorite world because a combo of the music, setting, and atmosphere. some of my favorite settings were the rooms with lava on the floor and ceiling. great jobs designers

number 3: bishop, beachhead
this guy is great, his historical reference to the plague, he is a mad scientist and most of all, the only elite to survive 3 battles with us! coward yes, but it shows he may be more sentient than kane since he has a will to live. the only time he doesn't flee is in the presence of kane who would do worse things to him than us.

number 2: froggo villa
funny dialogue plus some family history. turns out my great uncle made beer in the time of prohibition, so he moved to texas to make moonshine, pancho villa then captured him and tried to ransom him but my great uncle befriended pancho and his crew and later he took a photo with him and his gang and got panchos and some of his gangs signatures. so ya, I was like, oh hey its a family friend!

before our number 1 here is some honorable mentions
Moo Manchu tower of moo, Jacques the scratcher, jade oni, deacon.

now for number 1, drum roll on whatever is nearby....
Rooke! wreck of the victory.
its true his drop rates are some of the worst in gaming history, I mean its rare for him to even drop junk drops let alone his stuff!, but I love the setting of the fight, two collided ships, the tense yet mb like music, the beautiful mb sky, FIRE, and the first rooke fight, kill rooke who is an anti melee and ranged monster, protect nelson against an army of armada, and how cool rooke looks! overall while he never drops things it is still a fun dungeon which I have a ton of memories of.


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