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Saturday, October 7, 2017

the science of the spiral!

hello everybody! in my last post I talked a bit about conspiracy theories, which made me think, how does spiral science work? And when I looked at it, it was basically the same as ours. so I am making this post to explain 2 things, how the spiral is earth, and why. let us commence the science!

Lets start out with my first and most major proof, the culture and the inhabitants of the spiral. Culture is a very unique thing, while some may share similarities none are the same, for example roman and Greek culture, both are pretty much the same (romans copied the greeks and changed some stuff) and both have similar architecture but overall both are very different. Greece alone had many different cultures because of its city states, like Sparta, a warlike culture, and Athens, a more wisdom based culture (they hated each other also). What I'm saying is the culture similarities should indicate the spiral is earth because they are one and the same! that includes the animals, like mirage, a Persian empire based world in my opinion, or even a Moorish empire, has the Persian cats, which fit its culture. this combined with the fact of no culture can be the same should be proof enough, if not lets continue.

 The matter of history repeating itself is well known, and since the spiral follows a ton of earth history we can assume safely this is earth. then why are people animals you may ask? well simple, evolution. Evolution is a known and undeniable fact which happens to all of us. so its safe to say animals evolved into smarter beings like humans did. lets continue since this one is self explanatory

the science of the spiral is basically the same as ours, things require water, oxygen, and food, to live. we jump up and fall down, matter can not be created or destroyed (summons are just taking a monster and moving it to you tbh and transmutations are basically illusions) but all in all the science is the same, magic just "adjusted" some known rules of the universe.

overall i'm just saying its highly possible this is our earth, just after an apocalypse. everything fits and even merle saying we came from another world could just mean pre apocalypse earth since world doesn't always mean place but sometimes time. (example, a time traveler came to the wild west and it would be like a whole new world to him) even though this wasn't intended by KI it still brings up some thoughts you never thought you would think. turns out the spiral isn't so far away after all...


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