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Saturday, October 7, 2017

spiral conspiracy theories

hello, and welcome to this totally not X files rip off. today we will talk about some conspiracy theories roaming around the spiral. *off tuned X-files music plays*

theory one: our companion in p101 old scratch wants to destroy the spiral.
let me explain, lets start with his name, might as well be Beelzebub because this guy is the devil. Old scratch is another name for the devil if you didn't get the joke (Beelzebub also) it is prophesized Satan will raise an army of the dead to take over the earth, much like old scratch was raising an army of the dead...

theory two: the spiral is a place where parallel universes merge.
think about it, p101 and w101 both have a storyline meant for one person, yet we see everyone else who is on/has done/will do the same story as us, it also explains the undead. undead are often described as spirits trapped between worlds, or dimensions if you will. Ambrose said our wizard comes from a place that doesn't believe in magic (most likely earth) and when you think of earth, you don't think of undead roaming around (unless you count that disgusting parasite) so it stands to reason that the undead are in the spiral because that's the point between dimensions. Its like a fantasy effect, Neverland is the center of the universe so nobody ages, the spiral is the point between dimensions so the undead get trapped there (which explains the endless amount and ghosts of spiral citizens because the universe is endless and the people of the spiral get trapped since they are already where they need to go.)

Theory three: the spiral is a post apocalyptic earth made into a galaxy. I know merle said we came from earth basically but not when or which earth, so we could have come before said apocalypse. think about this, all our culture is in the spiral yet the spiral is a totally different place, weird isn't it?

final theory: the spiral has logic
we all say there is no logic in the spiral, but that's false. my proof, magic. when our wizard/pirate jumps we fall down. why our pirate ships and worlds float is because of magic. even magic must rely on logic, seeing that powerful spells take time to learn and cost more. remember how malistare was able to raise the dead? it took him forever to learn that and cost a ton (aka his life) so really the spiral has logic, its just...absurd.


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