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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Napoleguin and the spiral aftermath of the update

Hello again all! I was recently browsing the boards when I saw a great topic about what Napoleguin and the new updates! (sort of like a sequel to my conspiracy theories about him but not by me.) This post was by Ethan the Baron in the tavern, and I thought I would expand on it, just saying not my idea and full credit for this post goes to him for giving me this idea. shall we begin?

Ethan made several good points, like for one pretty much every major spiral power is in disarray (except mooshu) and si is just starting out while Polaris is relatively fine. but I wouldn't forget the fact that when our wizard went there we started a rebellion so napoleguin will have some work to do.
I'm making a list of things that are right and wrong in the situation regarding a second Napoleonic war in the spiral.
right things
1: There were 2 Napoleonic wars irl. True the second one was short however that's not the point, there were 2. however napoleons major turning point in that war was his failed invasion of Russia in which he lost a large amount of troops which ultimately cost him the war.

2 All the major spiral powers are in disarray, while this is true expect mooshu i'm excluding mooshu and going by historical similarities since ki loves to do that. like the second Napoleonic war Europe was still recovering from multiple wars within itself, as well as struggling with wars oversea like Britain and America. So it would make sense the spiral powers are in disarray with the armada invading marleybone (multiple similarities to the Spanish and British rivalry at the time) and monquista (Spain) also in disarray. This gives Napoleon the chance he needs to make a power move since nobody was ready for him or for all out war at that seconds notice. Plus Napoleguin like Napoleon is a dangerous mind and great tactician which means he is as much as a threat as the real deal.

3 the wiz/pirate101 timeline.
While we can all agree its a bit unclear we do know p101 seems to take place a little bit after the wiz timeline due tot the fact that while our pirate was in mooshu malistare was mentioned so we know we fall a little bit behind our wiz at the very least. I'm know this is a shared universe and since companions do stuff while we are offline this makes this a game that despite lack of udpates continues we still share the same time with our wiz so its safe to say the Polaris storyline affects our pirate if this happens.

Things wrong with this
1 while this could be our next arc I doubt it, its a bit of a short war

2 DS while Nordic champion makes a good point on its origins would no doubt act as Russia in this case, and everybody in DS seems a bit busy being dead.

3 the technicality. technically this is possible but like I said there are some things that don't add up which means it could happen and be different from history or could not and we are left with a Napoleguin owing us a favor

You may notice whenever I talk about Napoleguin I bring up the favor he owes us, this is for several reasons like how favors are the most valuable thing you can have if a powerful person owes you one (at least in the spiral) and since Napoleguin is described as the most dangerous mind in the spiral its worth a ton for him to owe you one. Also that single detail in the dialog about him owing you a favor could be the key to so many possibilities, new worlds, el dorado, si gaining land (Louisiana purchase) even you being appointed your own port If and when napoleguin rises to power again.

Overall this could be the biggest thing to happen to the spiral or it doesn't affect the spiral at all, but I doubt ki will leave this be, things tend to show up time and time again in the spiral...*cough* malistare *cough*


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